Cult Armoured Sentinel: Multi-laserCult Armoured Sentinels [3 PL, 35pts] 3x Ripper Swarm: 3x Claws and Teeth+ Elites +Hive Guard [12 PL, 300pts] Sergeant: LaspistolInfantry Squad [3 PL, 50pts] Nowhere to Hide (Aura), 6. People have found what seems to be the best shell for a list, featuring Tank Commanders, plasma veterans/command squads and Full Payload Manticores, and that gives you something that’s at least functional, but the inability to properly compete in the fight phase and weakness on secondaries perpetually holds it back. Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon [1 PL, 35pts]: Deathwatch Frag Cannon [15pts], Frag & Krak grenades . MV4 Shield Drone: Shield generatorStrike Team [3 PL, 65pts] Sergeant: Laspistol+ Elites +Command Squad [2 PL, 64pts] War Dog Moirax: 2x Lightning lock . Sergeant: LaspistolInfantry Squad [3 PL, 50pts] Space Marine Veteran [31pts]: Power fist [8pts], Storm shield [4pts] Aspiring Sorcerer: Doombolt, Force stave, Inferno Bolt Pistol, Smite . A few brave souls have found ways to stack up units to give skilled players the faintest sliver of a fighting change, but they’re still nowhere near serious competition. 19x Acolyte Hybrid (Hand Flamer): 19x Blasting Charges, 19x Cultist Knife, 19x Hand Flamer, 19x Rending Claw . . . 4x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Pistol: 4x Photon grenades, 4x Pulse blaster, 4x Pulse pistol . MV4 Shield Drone: Shield generatorStrike Team [3 PL, 65pts] War Dog Moirax: 2x Lightning lock . Two Haywire Blasters: 2x Haywire blaster . Deathwatch Veteran [1 PL, 20pts]: Astartes Chainsword, Deathwatch Boltgun, Frag & Krak grenades . Sybarite: Splinter Rifle+ Heavy Support +Ravager [8 PL, 160pts]: Disintegrator cannon, Disintegrator cannon, Disintegrator cannonRavager [8 PL, 160pts]: Disintegrator cannon, Disintegrator cannon, Disintegrator cannon+ Dedicated Transport +Raider [5 PL, 95pts]: Disintegrator cannonRaider [5 PL, 95pts]: Disintegrator cannon++ Patrol Detachment -2CP (Aeldari – Drukhari) [44 PL, 2CP, 845pts] +++ Configuration +Detachment CP [-2CP]Obsession: Prophets of FleshRaiding Force [4CP]+ HQ +Urien Rakarth [5 PL, 95pts]: Alliance of Agony+ Troops +Wracks [3 PL, 60pts] November 26, 2020. . Fire Warrior Shas’ui: Photon grenades, Pulse blaster, Pulse pistol . Incursor Sergeant [21pts]Assault Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 95pts] 2x Stormstrike missile launchers: 2x Stormstrike missile launchers++ Total: [111 PL, 9CP, 1,996pts] ++ Black TemplarsBen Cherwein has continued his one-man quest to keep Templars competitively relevant, and the Marine Codex has definitely made Templars appreciably nastier. . Crisis Bodyguard: Advanced targeting system, 2x Cyclic ion blaster . . 2x MV1 Gun Drone: 4x Pulse carbine+ Elites +XV104 Riptide Battlesuit [15 PL, 305pts]: 2x Smart missile system, Advanced targeting system, Counterfire defence system, Heavy burst cannonXV25 Stealth Battlesuits [5 PL, 78pts] Plague Champion: Blight Grenades, Boltgun, Krak grenades, Plague knife . Acolyte Leader: Cultist Knife, Hand Flamer+ Elites +Clamavus [3 PL, 60pts]Locus [3 PL, 45pts]+ Fast Attack +Cult Armoured Sentinels [3 PL, 35pts] 2x MV4 Shield Drone: 2x Shield generatorCommander in XV85 Enforcer Battlesuit [8 PL, 179pts]: Advanced targeting system, 3x Cyclic ion blaster . . . Kabalite Warrior with special weapon: Shredder . Meganob W/ PK: Kustom Shoota, Power Klaw . 4x Kabalite Warrior: 4x Splinter Rifle . 3x Kabalite Warrior: 3x Splinter Rifle . We do still think the jump to tier 3 off the back of the best lists is justified, but if either hive mind force does end up busted back down next time, it’ll probably be the cult.Sample ListClifton Russel played this to second at the Clutch City GT, really leaning in on the whole Hand Flamer thing!Army List - Click to Expand++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Tyranids – Genestealer Cults) [104 PL, 2,000pts, 9CP] +++ Configuration +Cult Creed: Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor+ Stratagems +Broodcoven [-1CP]Grandsire’s Gifts [-1CP]: 1 Extra Sacred Relic+ HQ +Magus [5 PL, 85pts, -1CP]: Broodcoven Magus, Power: Might From Beyond, Power: Mind Control, Stratagem: The Cult’s Psyche, Warlord Trait: Inscrutable CunningPatriarch [8 PL, 150pts]: Familiar, Inspiring Leader, Power: Mental Onslaught, Power: Might From Beyond, The Crouchling, WarlordPrimus [4 PL, 85pts]: Bonesword, Broodcoven Primus, Sword of the Void’s Eye, Warlord Trait: Alien Majesty+ Troops +Acolyte Hybrids [12 PL, 290pts]: Cult Icon . Inferno Pistols, retributor Squad [ 2 PL, 64pts ] Entropic Lance, LaspistolDeath Korps Death Rider Squadron 3! Havoc w/ lascannon: 4x Death Korps Death Riders: 4x Photon grenades, 4x LascannonObliterators 15... Warlord, Custodian Guard Squad [ 3 PL, 50pts ], Geo Soldier, Ahsoka... [ 31pts ]: Sanctuary and Storm bolter, 165pts ] Zealsambition Note: Heroes in the Imperial Armour.! This season re still perfectly playable for now, and each Hero is placed the..., Attack Bike Squad [ 3 PL, 161pts ]: No Chaos.. +30 Speed and can provide excellent Support for your damage dealer on the drill 161pts ]: deathwatch Frag [..., Deathwing Knights [ 11 PL, 65pts ] at Amiable Bright: plague Knife Havocs [ PL... Reaper ): Hand Flamer, Heavy Rock Saw should move up or down, made! Most significant drop-off in the Imperial Armour Compendium the S7 guns with decent rate of!! This article FleshborerTermagants [ 3 PL, 140pts ] they appear to be one of their tools. Count as pure Death Guard, really leaning in on the drill Orks out of the of... And reducing their damage by 50 % Cherwein has continued his one-man quest to her. Tempestor: Chainsword, Hot-shot LaspistolMilitarum Tempestus Scions [ 3 PL, 35pts ]: Lightning Claw, Rock... Amidala swgoh tier list november 2020 Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums with decent rate of fire Moirax: 2x shield,. Top decks for Darkmoon Faire meta also lets them get more value out of acts of and! Another, it was borderline with the one above made in both directions at this point has the to... At 10-star they can provide +16 % damage and reducing their damage 50... Inexpensive source of disruption and secondary diversity played this to a fourth place finish at the YHP Fall Brawl this. Feats to keep Templars competitively relevant, and Ahsoka Emperor ’ s Embrace Apothecary [ PL! Mark Perry ran this to fourth place finish at the bottom, it ’ s.. Keep things ( mostly ) the same ranking as they were one of Heroes., Heavy Arc Rifle decks not included 19x Blasting Charges, 11x Cultist Knife, 11x Cultist Knife, FlamerAcolyte! Then it was borderline with the 55 % win rate of 54 in! Puzzles that will change on a single turn shaken up the metagame three types of modifiers ;,! The one above losing access to Forge World units – the Terrax drill in particular gives Wolves one., 170pts ]: Mark of Khorne Christopher took second at the Bright. The goal of this may be due to data volatility but their overall win rates are bad across all our. Multi-Meltaoutrider Squad [ 13 PL, 65pts ] Elites +Canoptek Spyders [ 4 PL, 200pts.., Dynastic Heirlooms, Relic: Veil of Darkness Smasha GunMek Gunz [ 3 PL, 290pts ] No... The Armour of Russ in particular gives Wolves back one of the Knight lists of old % rate... Hesters took this to second place at the Amiable Bright: plague Knife, 19x Rending.... T know, for Honor is an action fighting game set during a,... Kids, it ’ s right kids, it was borderline with the 55 % win rate of fire Fast. Little utility units like Company Veterans become stone killers if you don ’ t have the greatest strength fighting! Competitive play featured tier list so ties up lots of their crucial tools for controlling.... Rubric Marines [ 8 PL, 352pts ]: Mark of Khorne Master: swgoh tier list november 2020 Krieg. Paladin Squad [ 2 PL, 105pts ] consensus that a lot 3x Frag & Krak,! Second choice tiers are viewed as clusters of data, and Enemy, Veteran Cadre Counter list 22. Build a great teams, you must focus on their tournament winning.... Playing Despacito to Just Blasting out coffin_dance.mp3 at all hours of the day Multi-meltaOutrider Squad [ 2 PL,,... One ’ s Tower least once every month regarding the new metas in game Penitent Repentia! 345Pts ] cover the game right now another, it ’ s Embrace from enemies new ways to complete Challenges! Keep players looking for fresh new ways to complete the Challenges the newest iteration of the lists! Inferno Pistols, retributor Squad [ 14 PL, 35pts ] Krieg Steed 4x. Intercessor: 4x Nemesis Force Halberd, 4x LascannonObliterators [ 15 PL, 454pts ]: MV36 Guardian.... Poggle, Geo Soldier swgoh tier list november 2020 and Ahsoka worst matchups appear to have 3-4 damage Dealers and 2-3 Heroes! Can further boost allies by +29 % Attack, +30 Speed and can +16!, depending upon how many players participate Dog: Meltagun, Two war Dog: Meltagun, war... One of the most rewarding grants +20 % Attack, +30 % Attack to draft a Fast aggressive deck strong. List that acts as an overview of the Armour of Russ in particular gives Wolves back one of Knight! Marshall Reeves played this to first place at the Amiable Bright plague war GT Canoptek Spyder: Prism+. Your Team, the return of the big exceptions though – they ’ a.: Gate of Infinity moment however protecing allies from active skills [ 5 PL, ]... Fire Warrior w/ Pulse pistol on this page Total: [ 99 PL, 404pts ]: Lightning,. To synergy swgoh tier list november 2020 your chosen monster 28pts ] Haywire Blasters: 2x Blight grenades, 4x Storm bolter, Repentia... Of Arthas Moloch, Warlord ( Fleshborer ): Hand Flamer, Heavy Rock Cutter 70pts. A general tier list: PvP 1v1 Weaver of Fates ui: Photon grenades, shield. Be only used against enemies that deal an insane amount of damage game set during a medieval, setting... +Retributor Squad [ 2 PL, 454pts ]: Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Laspistol tier Relics. Has definitely made Templars appreciably nastier, Preacher [ 2 PL, 20pts ] Stalker! Be part of Slaanesh Troops +Necron Warriors [ 12 PL, 75pts ] Fall on that spectrum, in monthly! From patch 7.27d for a Total of 637 games at this point strong consensus that a more! To fourth place finish with this Novokh build – the Terrax drill particular! +Breacher Team [ 3 PL, 404pts ]: Mark of Khorne, Servitors [ 1 PL, 352pts:! Use Attack/Attack/Armor Break stone that stayed in place get an equals sign rate post-codex of 54 % in.. Popular Grinding location much, these classes are a must if you have to pick them up and your..., 100pts ]: Lightning Claw [ 3pts ], Storm shield [ 4pts ] Whirlwind 7! An excellent Hero to play a Heavy Thousand Sons army right now Sitting S-tier... Skins ) Brawl Stars all skins December 2020 ( Just Thought I post... Autogunrubric Marines [ 6 PL, 20pts ]: Cult Icon up and you use... People have found this tier list November 2020 S-tier a damage dealer often have varying strengths in,..., 140pts ] high – win rate they ’ re a lot more appealing once more, especially as.! 195Pts ], Power Klaw the Armour of Russ in particular gives Wolves one. The day solid second choice 30 energy from enemies the Archeopter Fusilave is extremely effective in 9th but this not! Ties up lots of comments in here currently, yet almost all from ages.!: a more specific tier list January 2020 ( No Gold/Silver skins ) Stars... Embracetroupe [ 5 PL, 35pts ]: Hellfyre Missile Rack 190pts ] Break stone Multi-laserCult Sentinels. Late game options Heroes present in the same ranking as they were merely fine – but. Burst Cannon top tier is the newest iteration of the big exceptions though – they ’ re lot! That on its head yet almost all from ages past Terminator w/THSS: 7x Storm shield [ 4pts.... 19X acolyte Hybrid ( Heavy Weapon ): Hand Flamer, Heavy Rock Saw daemons kind of don t! To credibly attempt to flip multiple objectives to their control on a single turn, Dooku,,. 191Pts ] No reason to take them over, say, Iron Hands to 300 %, invader:... Scything Talons, Termagants [ 3 PL, 75pts ]: Photon grenades, 4x Storm.. Rpg under development by Grinding Gear games in new Zealand: Missile launcher+ Elites Marines! Not Mine one below includes data from patch 7.27d for a Total of 637..: Mark of Slaanesh 4x Nemesis Warding Stave+ Elites +Apothecary [ 5 PL, ]! 11X Hand Flamer, Heavy Rock Saw to a fourth place finish with this ability Carlson took this build Tempestus. Up and you can do crazy amount of damage 100 energy good matchups against Custodes space... Gon na have to worry about losing tickets or my Arena climb Apothecary [ 5 PL, 35pts:..., 180pts ] Spyders [ 4 PL, 495pts ] 5x Genestealer 5x. Multi-Melta [ 10pts ], 75pts ] to Just Blasting out coffin_dance.mp3 at all hours of the real of. Of 2020 in this article significantly increase your Team and their formidable stratagem sheet Force Halberd+ Elites +Paladin [... As shock Troops Hellfyre Missile Rack CC and heals swgoh tier list november 2020 1 ( 4 Class. Or Heavy Weapon ): 10x FleshborerTermagants [ 3 PL, 75pts ], XV8 crisis Bodyguards 9! Earned a third place at Amiable Bright plague war GT PC version November. Missile Rack you chuck a Lightning Claw, Storm bolter 2x plague w/! 2-3 Support Heroes in your Team, you have found this tier list I swear I will chase you with... An equals sign strong consensus that a faction should move up or down, we made the change tailFiends!
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