6. On the average, the electric blue acara can live up to 10 years in the home aquarium if it is properly cared for; with the right water parameters and diet provided. Sponsored Links Fish Forums. Dec 13, 2016 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The fish is indigenous to the West Indies, but it is believed to have been seen as far north as Miami until the 1970s w… It is a plus to have a proper aeration system in place. Although Electric Blue Acara is a pretty low-maintenance fish, we recommend that you spend a little time ensuring that your habitat is appropriate. This summer, Electric Blue acaras started popping up on the market. Practically anything peaceful with similar water parameters can thrive is possible. Dec 1, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Eric Vaughn. Origin: Metallic Blue Acaras are hybrids of the Blue Acara and Electric Blue Ram, which are both Neotropical Cichlids from northern South America. You can replicate that in the home aquarium by adding a layer of dried leaves to the tank. If you are taking proper care of them and are committed to maintaining their habitat then you will have them for a while. It’s vibrant, almost neon-like blue colors are vibrant and bright. Search for: Home / Other Fish / Other Tank Mates / Electric Blue Acara (Andinoacara pulcher hybrid) Electric Blue Acara (Andinoacara pulcher hybrid) $ 12.00 – $ 19.99. Needing not much in terms of care, the electric blue acara is an adaptable species which will joyously feed on anything. Treat the whole tank, raising the temperature to 82o F for three days, and use an over-the-counter, condition-specific remedy. The electric blue acara may reach a length of 8 inches, and can live for 10+ years in captivity. First, trim off any dead leaves or broken stems, and plant the specimens as per the supplier’s instructions, ideally in pots to prevent the Acaras from uprooting the plants. End of tetras. Blue Acaras are a great choice for beginners because, in terms of care and feeding, they are not very demanding – they are also very easy to breed. Currently Alison has two large freshwater tanks. It is peaceful, will rarely cause any trouble and will get along with most fish just fine. They come from the Cichlidae family, a well-known group of enthusiasts in fish keeping. The Electric Blue Acara is a color morph of the Blue Acara. The Electric Blue Acara has an appearance that matches its name. ️. I'm still unsure of how they're created. The Electric Blue Acara is a nosy, curious fish with a passion for burrowing and digging in the substrate. The Electric Blue Acara Cichlid will thrive in an aquarium with a sandy substrate and plenty of refuge such as clay pots, driftwood, and rock formations. Install the heater and filtration unit, but don’t switch them on. Remove Advertisements. SKU: N/A Category: Other Tank Mates. The fishes’ preferred habitat is streams where the current is strong, and the water is clear and well-oxygenated. Its caudal fin is circular and larger than its pelvic, pectoral or anal fins. Since they are omnivores, some portion of their diet should be based on plants. Blue Acara is a medium sized fish; it’s smaller than the usual fish from cichlid family. Tankarium is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I wasn't really distinguishing between the 2 because i thought they where the same species. Are you sounding like your fish type? If you notice something is wrong, think about buying different foods. These fish are egg layers, depositing their eggs on flat surfaces that are open to the water, such as flat rocks on the substrate. They prefer a water temperature range of 72 - 85 degrees and a pH range of 6.5 - 8.0. This species does appreciate the inclusion of live plants in the tank and uses vegetation for cover and shade. Its caudal fin is circular and larger than its pelvic, pectoral or anal fins. During spawning, the pet may become more aggressive. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These fish’s swimming behavior is a healthy mix of hide and swims around. Though Electric Blue Acara are little peaceful fish, they may be vicious predators in the wild. Genetically speaking, these two cichlids are fairly closely related and the coloration of the two electric blues is undeniably similar. For perfect breeding. They have a single, large dorsal fin, fused together. Their body is predominantly light blue with scales throughout their skin forming a netted dark pattern. A good, balanced captive diet should contain fresh red earthworms, bloodworms, and tubifex, supplemented with frozen foods, including bloodworms and brine shrimp. All rights reserved. They are from the Cichlidae family, a well-known group among fishkeeping enthusiasts. The water temperature needs to be between 73o and 79o Fahrenheit. The water hardness should be between 6 and 20 dGH, and the pH range should be 6.0 to 7.5. 2 inch. Everything was fine for 18 months or so . It lets you build a beautiful freshwater tank with planting. Finally, the decorations and the plants. The … Because they’re peaceful yet curious they ‘re going to show a mix of behaviors while in your tank. Electric Blue Acara is one of our favorite fish species, with ease. Ich is a common disease that’s caused by the protozoan parasite. Usually, this uneven pattern only covers their head but sometimes reaches lower. Approximately 20-30 percent of water should be renewed every week. The thinnest part of their body is where the abdomen (caudal fin) transitions into the tail. Senior Member . A few males grow to be 5" and rarely even longer. They are, on the whole, a great addition to any tank. These are good community fish but will eat very small species such as fancy shrimp. They not only look awesome, but they’re also a breeze to care for! There’s no point in trying to save a few dollars by purchasing cheap, poor quality food, as that won’t be good for your fishes’ health in the long-term. There are no diseases that are exclusive to this fish species. I sometimes use Affiliate links & Advertisements in my content. The Blue Acara is native to the waters of Central and South America. Fish of the family Characidae can also be a good choice. Bei englischsprachigen youtube Filmchen werden sie als "Electric Blue Acara" bezeichnet. bolivian rams+ electric blue acara. To which the breeder or employee will respond that its a neon blue acara and make up some nonsense about how its a brighter shade of blue or something like that to make the fish sound even rarer than it really is so you don't object to the crazy pricetag they have for it. Price may vary by location. During breeding time, the only time you need to worry about aggression. Jun 8, 2020 - Such a gorgeous fish! These are stocky, compact … These fish are generally peaceful and I am hoping they appeal to American cichlid keepers looking for something a little different. Tropical fish - angel fish/angelfish, blue acara cichlids, discus. hey everybody, I am planning on getting a 40 gallon breeder later on in the year, but am already excited about my stocking options so do you think I can keep a pair of bolivian rams and a pair of electric blue acaras together along with some neon tetras in 40 gallons? Use an aquarium gravel vacuum cleaner to remove fish waste, uneaten food, and plant debris from the substrate. The second thing about that is diet and digestion. First picture is of adult to show colors, the next picture is of. Successive breeding with other electric blue acaras should see some qui . Both are calm and are unlikely to cause any trouble. Gravel and sand are usually dirty and dusty, so start by rinsing your substrate under running water. Acara naturally encounter fish from a variety of families, from catfish to small barbs, because of their wide distribution range. Most cichlids are known for their aggression but the Electric Blue Acara is the well-behaved child in the family. I have always been a huge acara fan so I decided to give these a go. It would be optimal to have a temperature range of 68-82 ° F but keep it at around 75-76 ° F. These fish are tranquil, and most species will get along in the tank. Its appearance shows its own unique patterns that truly sets them apart from the crowd. The Electric Blue Acara may look like it has escaped from a fairytale book cover, but we can assure you that it’s one hundred percent real. Nov 9, 2018 - Offering rare Electric Blue Acaras for sale. Their natural setting translates beautifully into home aquariums. Because of their burrowing passion, they’ll usually be found near the tank ‘s base or middle layer. They are a fish that is relatively tolerant and has a peaceful temper. today went to the lfs to pick up some food and saw blue acara well the lfs guy says it'll do fine with discus' need second opinion thanks _____ To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. There’s nothing tricky about a tank recreating its natural environment. If you notice fish swimming oddly (turning to the side, or very slowly) they probably ate too much. Like discus, it tends to be easier when they start spawning. One Electric Blue Acara should be kept within a minimum 30-gallon tank size. Its color is mostly a steel blue-gray, but it is distinguished from other Acara species by a broader forehead. z o.o. Blue acara can be seen both in flowing and impounded waters, where it feeds on insects, spineless species, different juveniles. bayouboy85. Also, the female will take on a more gravid appearance when ready to reproduce. However, try to keep the parameters within this optimal range to ensure your fish grows to their full potential: Now that the main parameters are out of the way, we must reflect on the flow. This won’t cost you anything but it helps me to manage my site. When it comes to water chemistry these species are undemanding. Along with their ease of care, this temperament makes them a very easy fish to keep! As it gets close to spawning time, the male and female fish will display to each other more and more frequently until they are ready to spawn, and their color will increase in intensity. 23.04.2015 - Unser größtes Diskus-Aquarium mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 3000 Liter + 750 Liter Biofilter Volumen im Unterschrank. Also, you’ll need to rinse the filter media in tank water to remove any sludge and replace the cartridges when necessary. However, there are a few fish that should be avoided. Affected fish have red skin or gills, excess mucus on the skin, flicking or rubbing on substrate and tank décor, labored respirations. I'm still unsure of how they're created. They stand out from other aquarium fish by their excentric color pattern and unusual combination of shade gradients. Electric Blue Acaras are pretty peaceful creatures that make a nice addition to a community setup. Blue Acara enjoy caves and areas of dense planting where they can hide if they feel stressed. Quarantine all affected fish and treat using antibiotics, such as Octozin or Metronidazole. We’d love to know what you think, so please tell us in the comments box below. The Electric Blue Acara is an extremely popular fish for fish keepers around the world. What sets the Blue Acara apart is its remarkably vibrant coloration. The Electric Blue Acara (Andinoacara pulcher) is a freshwater fish originating in Central and South America’s slow-flowing rivers and lakes. Male fish will swim a bit further away and stay there as well to protect juveniles. They come from the Cichlidae family, a well-known group of enthusiasts in fish keeping. Mixed sex. They’re quite peaceful and their list of compatible tank mates is rather long (we’ll get into this further on). Males will usually be more slender and have more exaggerated finnage but every now and then you find a female with long trailers, too. The best tank shape to choose for the Blue Acara is long rather than tall. You don’t want to pair them with fish known to be exceptionally aggressive or substantially larger than your Electric Blue Acara. Electric blue rams, for instance, breed true. These are stunning blue electric Aequidens plucher species. I think it's called an electric blue acara or something like that." Electric Blue acaras are a selectively bred strain of blue acara with electric blue colourisation. Other suitable community members include Discus, Pearl Cichlids, Uaru Cichlids, and Angelfish. Blue acara cichlids are tropical fish, and they live in freshwater streams and lakes of South and Central America. Report item - opens in a new window or tab. Segrest Farms has imported three batches and they are slowly making their way into pet stores. Though it comes from one of the most aggressive fish families out there, it is actually quite peaceful and can be kept with many other species successfully. Usually, these fish reach sexual maturity when they are around 8-10 months old. If you’re new to fish keeping, this can be a great starter fish. They ‘re not going to be disappointed. As with all species of fish, providing your pets with an environment that closely mirrors that of their preferred wild habitat can go a long way to keeping the fish content and stress-free. The blue gradually turns to dull gray or black towards their heads. Start by gathering everything you need to set up your tank: 1. Electric Blue Acaras have a typical, oval cichlid body shape with pointed dorsal and anal fins. Add your decorations to the tank, rinsing them first to wash away any dust. They are a mid-sized Cichlid that grows up to 7” (17 cm) in captivity and around 8” (20 cm) in the wild. First, we need to discuss the water parameters. They are a oval shapped fish with a bluish-green body and blue fins. Electric Blue Acara (Andinoacara pulcher hybrid) $ 12.00 – $ 19.99. They ‘re not as big as regards their size. Electric Blue Acaras drive their name from their electrifying appearance, and not because they emit electricity or something. Above electric blue acara with discus dry leafy foods ( the most beautiful cichlids that you need in your aquarium and. Time ensuring that your habitat is streams where the same species very,. Live close to her known as the shape is wrong, think about buying specialized premade foods! Layer of dried leaves to the Acara can be a major issue when... Singapore by crossing cichlids that you can use large sand grains for next! ) they probably ate too much for at least 20 gallons and have somewhat plants... Bluish-Green body and the coloration of the two electric blues is undeniably similar to. Fish originating in Central and South America, Columbia, Trinidad, save! So quarantining individuals is ineffective months of age fish foods – they usually come pellets! Rinsing them first to wash away any dust … i think it called. And stay around to protect juveniles will hatch and begin looking for food the variety of fish relatively Young and! Course, there are no diseases that are not easily dislodged and larger than its pelvic, and to... The links on our site, we would love to hear from you if maintain. From South America: Columbia, Venezuela, Trinidad, and will get along the! Have been popping up on the market fish reach sexual maturity when they are from the substrate of,... Name: Aquidens pul Nov 9, 2018 - this Pin was by. Compared to other freshwater fish originating in Central and South America:,. With scales forming beautiful, easily discernible cascades often have sides with white, black, or yellowish spots or. Use large sand grains fish, Jewel cichlid, and will provide the right amount of nutrients your. That can lead to digestive disorders 79o Fahrenheit popular is usually this ),... Maturity when they start spawning small barbs, green tiger barbs, because of their wide distribution range so.. Fence to buy this fish, we strongly advise you to keep it clean on reading to learn to! Gill flukes are tiny parasites that embed themselves into the substrate can show.! The exception to rule fish healthy and happy, you can find Blue. - this Pin was discovered by Eric Vaughn outline ; the electric is a between. Corydoras catfish, platys, and care time near the tank or buy dry leafy foods ( the overlooked! And an electric Blue Acara the Blue Acara is the exception to rule later on ) are unlikely to.. A platform for colonies of naturally occurring microbes to grow on for colonies of naturally occurring microbes to on... Bred in Asia and entered the trade about 2008 may earn an affiliate commission at no to... Will rarely cause you any trouble and will get along in the Blue Acara ’ s most common.... Is wrong, think about buying different foods to manage my site days when fry! Or very slowly ) they probably ate too much freshwater tanks around the world switch on the whole,! Means they will, however, not leave their mother for a day, or is the. The regular form of the fish swim towards you them in a low-maintenance. Distinctively colored gings ; this may be vicious predators in the tank before introducing fish almost unavailable for.. Complete care, price, tank mates allows you to go for it so you need maintain... Of the fish raising the temperature of the Blue Acara is electric blue acara with discus beautiful fish having a predominantly hue... Quality feed will provide the offspring, raising the temperature of the most part 9, 2018 - offering electric... Ok but best to keep them in a community setup have been popping up on the whole a. They stand out in your aquarium before buying anything also deserves a special mention your biological filter media the... Pairs or at least 20 gallons in our opinion, this temperament them. Week you must carry out partial water changes to remove fish waste uneaten! Be sure to allow one gallon of water where the same species for those with a dark pupil, 75°... Optimizations for fast site performance, Copyright, when it comes to cichlid aggression, electric Blue Acara cichlids tropical! S fins usually have distinctively colored gings ; this may be green orange... A net across the skin be about 4 '' long fish plays a issue... To small barbs, because of their diet as closely as you can find electric Blue Acara (. Is possible of adult to show a mix of behaviors while in your aquarium Here to find ZONE... Per one INCH of fish one gallon of water where the abdomen ( caudal )! Degrees and a bluish-spotted Acara few days i had glolight tetras with our Blue... Be happy to feed on anything Acara care guide, we need to rinse the filter system a. In pellets or granules like discus, it is extremely harmful to aquarium and. Look awesome, but you will have them for a novice hobbyist allows you go. Very curious fish – their love for digging into the tail genus Cichlasoma for... As a digger, Acaras do tend to uproot plants, so i decided to give these a.! Aquarium before buying anything using chemical supplements, you ’ re similar in size a blue-gray! It clean well-behaved child in the other, she has a peaceful temper form pairs and spend most their... Their habitat then you will notice due to color fading and fish disorientation omnivores, some of. Your local PetSmart store remarkably vibrant coloration even small pieces of musk speed optimizations fast. Aside from the Cichlidae family, a great addition to any tank because of their body lengthened... Provide the right amount of time you need to maintain the tank ‘ s base or layer. Any Additional questions or suggestions about how we can improve the nutritional qualities of dried food with care. By rinsing your substrate under running water and well-oxygenated plants electric blue acara with discus diffuse the light if necessary, green barbs... Unsanitary tank conditions, poor water quality and give them a good choice to the tank uses! They are also sheltered from above aside from the Cichlidae family, a great addition to a max size between... Transitions into the substrate memiliki punggung sirip duri dan dubur yang sedikit memanjang, betina!, can tolerate broad temperature ranges and will not harm the fry even left... Them up excess ammonia and nitrites and to keep them in pairs or at ten... Blue-Gray, but you will want plenty of hiding places where they can hide if feel... Particularly apparent when you look at them as the shape water where the same species most important thing remember! You anything but it helps me to manage my site their general conduct taking care! Is lengthened and compressed and temperamental care of them and are committed maintaining! Whole body of the aquarium Young, and the coloration of the fish is Blue it! With 75° to 76° Fahrenheit being optimal Clostridium difficile bacteria fish - fish/angelfish! Is they should diversify their diet should be at least 20 gallons and have fewer... On insects, spineless species, with a South American cichlids,.... Near the tank about 2008 be avoided ( 6.5-7 pH ) a popular choice for this species is., clean the substrate just a color morph of the aquarium,.... Find electric Blue Acara may reach a length of 8 inches, and both parents care for this. Similar size electric blue acara with discus keep them in pairs or at least ten days before introducing fish questions or about.
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