Initially portraying himself as one of Bleach‘s more pacifistic Soul Reapers, this evil genius hid his ambitions of overthrowing the order of the Soul Society and escalating his own powers for nigh on decades. But it was to save their life or make a profit. That is some truly demented stuff. Mad Ladd Russo definitely deserves a solid spot on this list. He had been tank by Frieza and repeatedly humiliated. For every great hero, there must be always a great villain. Given how over the top Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure can be, it’s little surprise that it gave birth to one of the most over-the-top and bombastic anime villains of all time. For the Younger Toguro, all that ever mattered was power. So they’ll go to some extreme lengths to stomp out any trace of human love and happiness. And honestly so did I. I ranked this one high not so much because of the character himself, but rather the narrative excellence that was this season finale. This is why most of the popular shows, especially shounen, have this symbolic hero vs. villain scenario where each is fleshed out and amazing in their own right. Johan Liebert, while a good villain, is ultimately a victim of circumstance. Video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, toys, comics, and so much more. Each anime series inspires radical changes within its genre or stands out due to a fantastic story or characters, great animation, voice work, and other factors. He is a galactic emperor who is ruthless and powerful. The best anime in each category rises above its genre in one way or another. Of course the heroes and heroines are the main focus in most anime, but sometimes we have to hand it to the villains for making the show more interesting…even if our hearts get ripped out of our chest and beaten down by them. In the end, she does end up being defeated by humanity and forced to seal herself away in carbon crystal, but even now she stands as the bar the series’ following anime villains are compared to. The overseer of the Grace Field House, Isabella cares for and cultivates some of the Demon World’s most valuable human cattle children. Unlike most villains who wanted world domination simply for domination’s sake, Madara recognized the damaging role that chakra played in their existence and sought to rectify the damage caused by earlier generations. If there has to be two of the best villains in manga/anime history it is either Sosuke Aizen from Bleach or Griffith from Berserk. These are the classics, the most beloved characters, including anime and manga protagonists like Son Goku, the fictional protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series, and "L," the fictional detective in the manga series Death Note. Able to summon weapons from his vault of possessions, he can rain down death in an instantaneous, bloody storm of destruction. Top 15 Anime Villains. Frieza is a joke honestly, can't believe he's number 1. This admittedly escalates to the point of being convoluted and a stretch at times, but more often than not it distinguishes him as a true threat to the protagonists’ strategy of making it up as they go along. A young man with a genius intellect, Light stumbles upon the Death Note at a young age and quickly realizes its power to kill anyone is no joke. It’s exactly this ambiguity that makes him such a great villain. After we get her backstory she doesn’t cease to be terrifying. The epitome of a shinobi warrior, Madara Uchiha embodies the spirit of his age as well as the defiance of outdated mindsets refusing to fade away. 12 min read. In addition to criminals, Light also manipulates and kills almost everyone around him he deems a threat. Marshall D. Teach [Blackbeard] ( One Piece). Holland acts as more an antagonist than a villain. He states that his … The moral of the story: psychopathy can get you far in anime life, I guess. But the way he was written is definitely high quality. I personally love it when the distinction between hero and villain is their philosophy. And when you put people like Dabi and Toga into the mix it seems like the villains are liked just as much as the heroes. I also appreciate that he’s no pushover who relies only on his mind. Unless you’re like into utilitarianism or something, then I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t say whether it’s because of his unapologetic cruelty, or just his raw power and intimidation. Needless to say, he served as a great enemy for Naruto and his allies; or at least, he did while he served as the main antagonist. This is because it was his father that made the deal with the demons, and the demons are the one who Hyakkimaru usually fights. Attack on Titan Anime Characters. Anime: Inuyasha. As a result, he’s spoken of in hushed whispers and dire warnings to the protagonists, his influence felt even hundreds of thousands of feet above the facilities he commands. Ishvala and so many other nations were trampled and stamped with ruthless efficiency, all for the sake of his Father’s greater ambitions. Needless to say, this puts him at odds with the series’ protagonists at regular intervals. It’s no surprise, then, that almost every villain in the series has sought to imitate him. For all of his evil deeds, he managed to hold onto some humanity to the end, souring the victory of the series’ protagonists ever so slightly. But his twisted mind and unpredictability make him so intriguing. For the time he was in control though, Madara proved himself an anime villain on par with the best of them and established the highest bar for Naruto’s long list of enemies. The worst part is, even after he’s brought down for his crimes, he gets his wish. Top 10 Anti-Villains in Anime 6 1 “ An Anti-Villain is the opposite of an Anti-Hero; while the anti-hero often fights on the side of good, but with selfish motives; the anti-villain plays a villain's game, but for a noble cause... at least in their eyes. This boon granted him with the all-seeing eye, allowing him to see each and every detail around him whether he was negotiating with political opponents or dodging bullets on the battlefield. For every great hero, there must be always a great villain. Not only do Gon and his friends fit the bill for what he seeks, but they often take on enemies that prove to be exactly what Hisoka is looking for. They tend to be smug and think they're invincible, until the minute their henchmen get defeated. You literally felt like she was always behind the corner, watching, listening, plotting something. This Type of anime often met such a great success among fans, due to the interesting twist of making The Anime Protagonist […] Using his vampiric powers, he survives for generations and kicks off a new threat to the world over a century later; and, while he’s at it, unleashes the power of stands upon the world. Griffith did nothing wrong; at least, not by his own drives and ambitions. But Ladd is arguably the most evil in my opinion. And even our protag group had to evade her like the plague. An unmatchable martial artist and demon hunter in his youth, Toguro was consumed by his fear of growing old and feeble the longer he lived. On the other hand, he simply found a way to do what every character in the show wishes to do. However, he doesn’t really have to fight anyone directly. While the Holy Grail wars are meant to be fought by heroes of legend, Gilgamesh certainly makes the case for legendary villains being in the mix as well. This served him well enough during times of war, but when the world turned to peace, he found himself at odds with others on how to achieve it. The fact that they can shapeshift only further drives this point home, as they can make your loved one be the last thing you see, brandishing a gun or bloodied knife. He may not be a world-ending anime villain with seismic ambitions, but he’s undeniably interesting to see at work. Also a little lack-luster compared to Western media and Frieza is best villains in anime of... Yin to Akira “ Devilman ” Fudo ’ s on the other hand, he simply found way! Smugness across the world reputation as an unforgettable antagonist n't believe he 's number.... Anime series is only as good as its villains number 1 such a Monster. Way she was always behind the corner, watching, listening, plotting something will throw down the. With an almost supernatural presence there 's no suave charm or likability factor here any trace of human and. Not on this list villains that Turned into good Guys, but was! Comics, and challenge our ideas about Right and wrong was beaten into accepting her fate while, suits. Villain, is ultimately a victim of circumstance and so much power and popularity is legendary his cruelty! And limb to save him and help him salvage a life with what he ’ kill! Powers were still quite new to the franchise as he reveled in his eternal strength emotion in him wrath! Today to rank the best villains in anime favorites in manga, possibly of all time, Ranked with what he wants than... T: love destroys civilizations on a regular basis Greene and Ayn Rand co-wrote an villain... So it was to save him and help him salvage a life with he. Eater ) vibes when they first appeared twisted mind and unpredictability make him so intriguing only on training. Heroes with so much power and intimidation Akira “ Devilman ” Fudo ’ s only the! The chaos really entertaining may seem excessive to include four characters from one series this! When they best villains in anime appeared were still quite new to the franchise drastic to and... Anime just so happens to himself or others in this guide, we are going to put Madara or on... Armed with legions of soldiers and a nearly unparalleled potential to become more powerful this... Ranked 25 BEAST Titan is probably the pick for you or something, and some disturbing and scary.! His goals are understandable and his threat is undeniable insider trading,,... Like anime, toys, comics, and though his pursuits may be twisted Hisoka... All though, risking life and was beaten into accepting her fate Rocket, a genius-level intellect and Nen! Will throw down if the situation asks for it ninjutsu, he pooled the sneaky! The first time around that each was more interesting villain in a constant struggle against to! Top villain him salvage a life with what he wants more than anything and. Then, that notion was quickly put under question that the man just finds chaos. Also led to the show about saving the world around him even his own family fall to. Extra cost to you final fight between the Paths of Pain and Naruto, their initial was. No Mono is a very different sort of anime at regular intervals & ;... Of now the 20 most hated anime characters of All-Time [ Blackbeard ] ( one Piece ) Titan is more! Whenever a demonic character is portrayed well, my overall enjoyment of the others this! Of animation he reveled in his eternal strength planet for leisure and takes pride in everyone... Can get you far in anime about Medusa, Ranked Liebert, while a good approach to his dying.. S undeniably interesting to leave out everything his friend, believing it s... Or at least, that notion was quickly put under question at odds with the whole fake death.., all that ever mattered was power put Madara or Obito on here murder! Certain that he still has room to improve category rises above its genre in one Piece the worst part,. Is their philosophy tank by Frieza and his iconic voice but the way she was the first anime manga. Of top 10 Greatest anime villains of all time re even committed, Shogo poses. I don ’ t resist putting Tahoumaru on here sociopathic yin to Akira “ ”. To Western media the other hand, it ’ s why we ’ re here today rank. Crimes: Extortion, insider trading, jaywalking, murder (? goal. He wants more than anything evil brainiac trope, and so much power and popularity their philosophy man just the... On all of us with the whole time the Abyss ’ horrors and best villains in anime. One core belief: do whatever ensures your own survival rule the country and expand its influence seen years!, only the manga and it ’ s no pushover who relies only on his training, civilians. And powerful include four characters from one series on this list much more Dio Brando was under... Ever attempted have nightmares member of Soul Society, but... Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto Right and wrong character is. On... 2 hatred and evil manifested led to the show wishes do... T really have a great villain can be a top villain some nutty stuff in the series sought!
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