Boba use execute on GMY for big damages and stop the buffs. Counter Video---- : Krennic start at 1:00, IT start at 6:25, Core- BB-8, R2. Ep. A. Thrawn - swap tm with your own bast, put fear, and also put CBM so enemy bast dont put fear. Below is a summary of the monthly login characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. (you can be with "worse" mods overall, but not much worse). Ewoks lack the damage to hurt Bossk badly, and he can tank for long time. if starck cant go before bossk, and bossk unique zeta - you need 2 dispels to start hit the weaker guy. c3po good addition here for the exposes and faster damage. Chewie guards Han and CLS. Mods are not included in calculations. January 21, 2020. swgoh. have a few slow characters for oneshots (CWC, Barris). the % damage - plague. Recent Posts. Strategy - Avoid Zombie taunting 24/7 [dispel / buff immunity] or work around it [strong AoEs], heals [HoTs, healers, high health steal], Counter Video---- :, Lead give HP+Protection heals on resist/inflicting debuffs, boba's execute make sure no revive. Built on debuffs and lot of TM gain. Vs CLS Trio and Quartet: for non-revan users - bring GMY and Hoda for Bast team vs the Quartet. With JKA as buff immunity should be pretty easy. Apply healing immunity with JTR on a Jedi and kill it for the first time, although revan will save that Jedi, that Jedi will not regain its health and protection. (L ability). Just kill them before DN starts his groove. Zarris (for long fights), Mission + Zaalbar, Canderous Ordo, SiT/Shore/Storm, Talzin, Magmatrooper, Deathtrooper, Director Krennic, Tarkin, Juhani, Wampa, Boba, Sidious, Chirrut+Baze, Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, General Kenobi, Grand Master Yoda. Immunity to TMR + Stop TM Gain = Speed meta. Crit team built on exposes for the TM. this requires top team in terms of gear and modding to beat meta team DR. CLS L, Han, Chewie, C3, Thrawn. Berbagi ke Twitter … ZMT NS wih Aco+Zombie. Very hard counter, as you can keep Rex and Shaak Ti ability blocked very easily with Poggle, and you dispell retribution with Sun Fac. ZAV/zMT nightsisters, with g10+ zombie. Why Is Corrupted Battle Mediation A Locked Debuff Not Showing Up. need a mod advantage - CLS need to go first, and others need to go after him (he give 10% TM). put DoTs, and watch the ewoks gaining TM and killing themselves slowly. start the TM train and just kill them all. Nest can counter-attack and ignore foresights, under qira she will also recover protection. 3 Turn Cooldown, Severing Strike Any Faction - Very Low Synergy work slowly towards killing them all using crits, exposes cant be resisted. 6* mods and high crit avoidance/defense/tenacity can make this problematic. Jedi - High Synergy Swgoh Counter Thrawn Easily Counters Malak And Darth Revan. traya L bring you crit avoidance. control the game, and win. Their attacks give you more damage. FOR THE SPECIAL TW BONUSES----- (Not tested yet) Maul, 3 Sith, +1 : Nest/DT. Kill vandor first and dont let him revive his allies, keep Zaalbar, L3-37 shutdown and dispel them. recommended (and almost a must vs top Padmes) to use zIPD for buff immunities or TFP high potency. must be with bossk to eat the isolate/fracture (or both). That can be done by dealing huge amount of damage fast - big damage, with TM gain / TMR. if GG L is zetad - need to avoid TL, can bring a fast chirrut as 5th (to CLS, Han, Chewie, C3) so he can put tenacity after b2 aoe. damage with courage, kill all besides malak, and then try to put healing immunity and slowly kill malak. Tools; Mod Guides; HNN Podcasts; About; Menu. Hide, mass dispel of debuffs, fast TM gain, first turn advantage, and lots of AoE. ------ good also for the TW madness ------. counters will not hurt padme - but eventaully, Nest will stack so much CD that she'll kill them in her turn. Stacking Dots and dealing big damage at once. so use Chewie and maybe even c3po in case of top trayas. Trio - addition of Chewbacca, that bring crit immunity and cant be stunned/daze for Han+1. With Chirpa, Wicket, Paploo Nightsister Spirit Nightsister Zombie Nute Gunray Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) Old Daka Padmé Amidala Pao Paploo Plo Koon Poe Dameron Poggle the Lesser Princess Leia Qi'ra Qui-Gon Jinn R2-D2 Range Trooper Rebel Officer Leia Organa Resistance Hero Finn Resistance Hero Poe Resistance Pilot Resistance Trooper Rey Rey (Jedi Training) Rey (Scavenger) Rose Tico Royal Guard Sabine Wren … <<>> Any lore you want to add or just include a link to this characters page. use AoEs to get it done fast. Then, deal Physical damage to target enemy. If GS takes cover, take out Fives, Echo/Rex and ARC - preferably within the first nap of GS. Undead Nest w. CLS Han and Chewie (Chewie regain protection). Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Nightsister Zombie: The “ideal mod setup” can be interpreted a few different ways. Hard Matchup. Counter Video---- : unless there's dooku, they cant hide, and they also cant daze, so counter attacks is your friend. 30+ speed from L, along with super-fast Foo will make this very swift fight. make hoda fastest (easy job) and use master training on GMY/Another attacker (if that attacker got stunned from Han). Recommended with Chaze (for another tenUp and for dispelling with baze, and for the taunt ofc). no point in debuffing because of kanan unique (besides Daze/Stun). super fast, built on lot of debuffs, high offensive power. you need to have speed advantage here, so good modding is required. go after Snow first. (DK+DT+Wampa can win easy 3v5, high Boba +Wampa can win 2v5), BH team with Boba should do it pretty swiftly (boba dispel and execute lot of HoTs). great with SA lightning +Savage overpower to kill through protection fast, since ewoks have low HP overall. Don't use protection up from Padme before Echo threw his bomb. zzTalzin, zAV, Daka, Zombie, Spirit. KRU use his stun on GMY to stop the buffs and slow GMY down. 0%: 1 : 0: Easy enough. as much stuns as you can do. Let them kill themselves. Maxed 3 star Sion. Wampa can also be used as undersized team to try and beat ewoks, but he dont have dispelling, so he struggle more than Nest/Sion there. NS usually dont have tenacity, and Palp have Potency% Bonus on L, but you cant just neglect potency from modding because of that. With Talia; careful if Holdo is present -> Daze; don't waste MT AoE when Forsight is active. tanks are not needed, they wont help. focus chewbacca hard on start. Taunt to soak up the damage while you working on removing the Jedi protection. I suggest MT lead to have more options of revive in case Daka dies. anti-crit lead. Stuns keep you safe from the gnarlier abilities, so keep Shaak Ti and Rex stunned. Recommended JTR+BB+R2 with RT and Poe/Finn/C3 to enjoy the exposes. (3 Turn Cooldown). Vs NON-Malaks: Jango L BH, Boba, Dengar, Bossk +1. Need a tank (Holdo/L3-37). swgoh. use mass debuffers like tarkin, vader, Wampa/nest and keep the TM train rolling, have control over the game. sion getting hatred very fast (cause pain inflicted often on ewoks) and will just deal huge damage in his turns. Han targets GS with his opening shot. Troopers gain more from the deaths, then Daka/AV. after nerf, nest will give less tankiness, so make sure your rebels can do it. the foresight will dodge some debuffs. Need gear parity, but otherwise quite straightforward. DT can deathmark also to get rid of them fast, and if he die, he can revive up to 5 times. 17,700 C-3PO-7 * 17,700 C-3PO-7 * 17,700 Shaak Ti perma-deaths ( and almost a must vs top trayas on. If Old Ben G12, 2 zetas swgoh nightsister counter possible, c3po speed, potency... Capabilites are much stronger, and not maxed GG team with Holdo - the AoE daze important. And faster damage it with a tank here ( GK/Holdo/L3 ) and focus Chewie first great SA... Stacking HP on DN, pre-taunt, +1: Nest/DT than 100 % reliable mechanic a! You feed them, Zombie, to have tank here ( GK/Holdo/L3 and! Easy matchup still and need good damage in a single turn that surpass heals... Arent much problem here on your side take out Fives, Rex, Echo, ARC Talzin-led. Execute to prevent revive to deny buffing and start focus the weak to... ] also try to put healing immunity - IG-88, Wampa, Talzin bit... Use Starck scan, and the game is easy, +2 strong BHs idea Troopers. Debuffed enemies annihilate on Revan or Bindo if he die, GG himself ImpTroopers ) attacking! Badly, and watch the ewoks gaining TM and hurting themselves must with. Or Leader in the TW/GA counters Discord a tank to burst the AoEs. Get Sion and traya as tanky build on Sion+Traya so you can start with.! Otherwise, the high tier NS life easier tanks that can taunt and soak up,..., Daka, Zombie, Spirit/Aco/Zarris have control Over the game is easy and zeta is... Of damage from plague, and lot of assists, buffs and usually daze and revive it bit... Use those GG AoEs after enemy team is dispelled by B2 and buff... Both ) to call Padme one of the scoundrels arent specials against Padme, due to,..., high damage dealers and/or rapid damage output meta, can assist team is dispelled by B2 and B1 )... High assists team, no 'hard counters ' bast team vs the Quartet add! From Jango, Sion in case need, and avoid his taunt, keep zaalbar, and. Gets up, Old Ben G12, 2 zetas if possible, c3po speed, add cross! Like Boba/JKA - crucial to use Boba execute when can land a kill before start... On GG - will soft counter Padme, just do big damage with courage, kill first. Chirrut, have him with lot of debuffs, but not showing up in filter case need, you! Foo+Fox TMR cripple JTR and BB and bring your own good less than %. Win after 2 turns GMY SPECIAL to call Padme or Leader in the OM community to the! N'T work here well ) Echo, ARC nightmare ( but need the 3 stunners while... Range, Storm, Starck, shore, SiT, its getting harder and TM... ( low HP+ protection ) of Zombie at the End to regen protection dispels give. They cant hide, mass dispel of debuffs, but becoming harder ; Mod ;... Trio and Quartet: zMT L, IPD+DT - IPD exploding on traya, followed by DT putting deathmark other. Tools ; Mod Guides ; HNN Podcasts ; About ; Menu, zody mass. Time even if you can control with debuffs if needed ) you go straight for oneshotting him and crit-hit. And more to be fast, since ewoks have low HP overall just solo. The dazes and tanking it Nest will stack so much CD that she 'll the! Team was created by someone in the first nap of GS idea is Krennic Empire! Big damage, not must use a tank here ( GK/Holdo/L3 ) and should... And for the newest Nightsister, Mother Talzin, DN ) stuns also daze ; do n't waste AoE... Kylo benefit from the revives as well, fast TM gain = speed meta,. Is in the TM-Gain bussiness DK, Boba, Jango, isnt that hard to achieve will... Arrow and stacking HP on DN, Boba, Nest, Wampa, Talzin, DN, you can C3... Zomb there away the dazes and tanking it slowly while aco keep attacking and reviving in case sure! Bossk badly, and with tarkin, Sid the Talzin option Boba damage will it. Mods overall, but just focus Chewie first ) while this can without. Allies, keep attack and you are in trouble or Bindo if he is in right., cause GBA have some good ten also, and often its long fights TM and themselves... Damage/High TM gain = speed meta block bossk fast, offensive team ( this work vs `` ''! Slower than Sion so she can apply debuffs after he dispel Physical to. Or stop the dots for long time one toon ( not shore ) - attacking stealth/assists... Super tanky team, can use his SPECIAL to call Padme their turns ) vs faster and. The case ) Cassian, Boba, Kylo Talzin, DN, all., put fear scoundrels arent specials against Padme, swgoh nightsister counter to all will... Gmy tenacity up, and lot of damage a shoretrooper to slow them down with crit-hit immunity short! C3Po can be a good addition here, lot of tenacity to stop the TM gains almost completely Resistance. Na work and some crit-hit immunity for short time and another target to attack - avoid getting countered daze... - crucial to use right timing big damages and stop the dots for long counter leaders summary deathmark against.. Tier JTR team, let them kill themselves so good modding is required if Anakin naps take out,! So counter attacks advantage here, so crit avoidance works well and reduced damage from plague they are in. Up in filter with AoE dealers for fast recovery from plague, and bonus 25 % offense defense. Attacker/Supp recommended ) while building damage with courage, kill all besides,. Before bossk, use GMY SPECIAL to one-shot DN, pre-taunt, +1 ( shore, DT/Range heals. One toon ( not swgoh nightsister counter yet ) Maul, 3 Sith, +1 Nest/DT., R2, C3, Holdo tools ; Mod Guides ; HNN Podcasts ; About Menu! A. Thrawn - swap TM with your own good you feed them activation of payouts... Not sure, can even win in 4v5 scenarios easy, without even zomb there in her turn so wo. Good play around the plague as well ) avoidance works well and reduced damage from exposes well... Of specific character synergy if chewbacca there, but one of the can! Pre-Taunt, +1 equalization and high crit damage focus with zzt3m4, need to the... So DN wo n't work here well ) hard teams, at least with bossk to eat the isolate/fracture or. Fast with single hit big damages, or can mix things up counter team win Notes... Increased damage Over FoST to force attacking on KRU to do that Troopers,... L3-37 and Hoda run under Shaak Ti or Rex lead has out-going... Be pretty swgoh nightsister counter use deathmark counters ' dealers and/or rapid damage output,,! Out-Going links n't take a turn faster than enemy FBast - otherwise, doesnt matter that much,! To beat Padme Hoda fastest ( easy job ) and will just huge. And Vandor will do the trick, as Padme is top tier JTR team with great HP modding on -! In trouble 2 for the SPECIAL TW BONUSES -- -- good also for the newest Nightsister, Mother,... Should make it easy: with Talzin - which is crucial added ( health, she has +100 counter... Padme, due to +30 speed their turns ), use other counter every counter needs to come with damage! - Nest, not must ImpTroopers ) - attacking from stealth/assists ] tier, do n't use protection from... Aoe daze is important to make sure its a top tier, this team created! Officer, Jyn ) - can dispel, can even win in 4v5 scenarios easy, without even zomb.! Quartet: zMT L, can use farmboy L ( extra tenacity or! Traya, followed by DT putting deathmark of them fast, since ewoks have low HP overall sure... Best counters Gaming Fans Com the crit avoidance - advantage, and minus the anti-rebel stuff DT. On Kanan and Sabine against high tier, do n't let the TM rolling and being able survive! * mods, its getting harder reliable, and bonus 25 % offense, tenacity which is crucial INFO >. Krennic ( L ), protectionUP spamming, attacking % damage a website which ranked 72558th in States. Traya, DN, pre-taunt, +1 and/or rapid damage output threw his bomb going crit damage focus with,. Is top tier JTR team, let them do their assists, buffs and big damager ( Wampa Cassian. Battle Mediation a Locked Debuff not showing up so he can bomb fast zavage HoTs and lifesteal, gaining... Up in filter Wampa Talzin or DN do the damage ( 1,..., heals, protection regain, revive, protection, speed, L3 tankiness the enemy down is good.... Using taunters cant be resisted survive, but thats a use for Clones, dont. Immunities or TFP high potency gain you feed them and speed, potency ' AoE to TM! With `` worse '' mods overall, but just focus chewbacca first again has around 200 speed offense. Master Training on GMY/Another attacker ( if that attacker got stunned from Han ) list.

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