Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, AddSeat by AddMovement - Modernising Personal Mobility. Darlehen Immobilien, Väletablerad fastighetsutvecklare renoverar en stugby. Smartsun UV indicator patented technology will take out the guess work of when... We resolve the dinghy hassle and add... Eigenkapital FundedByMe was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in March 2011 and is one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the world to offer both reward-based and equity crowdfunding. Darlehen Eigenkapital ATR is a brand and retail channel that offers custom... Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Immobilien, We must change our way of living! Eigenkapital Andere, Communication made easy!. Liquid Wind converts carbon dioxide (CO2) and wind... An interactive platform where... Tario makes it easy for users to get an overview of... Seit 2014 gibt es auch zwei deutsche Standorte, nämlich in Berlin und München. Darlehen Be part of the digitalisation of the... I care for you – für soziale und humanitäre Projekte. Basiskonsumgüter, Berries by Astrid. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Immobilien, Group with existing rental stock in Trollhättan and Getinge. Darlehen FundedByMe was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in March 2011 and is one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the world to offer both reward-based and equity crowdfunding. Industrie|Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter|Informationstechnologie, Melobee: Music discovery platform used in 120+ countries, Fullt uthyrd industrifastighet i Göteborg, Mormor Magdas Glass / Mormor Magdas Ice Cream, DonDobbin® Smart solution for cigarette butts, Standard Ekologiskt Sweden AB (publ) - Tip & Tot, Företagslokaler nära Northvolts batterifabrik, Fastighetskonvertering 8 min från centrum, Newly built semi-detached houses in Örebro, Unique property conversion in Helsingborg, Centrally located rental property in Umeå, Seabased: Cost-competitive renewable wave energy, Fastighetskonvertering i expansivt område, Property located close to the slopes in the Swedish mountains, Family-friendly semi-detached houses in Stockholm, Utveckling av befintlig stugby i Norrtälje, Eftertraktat skärgårdsprojekt under byggnation, Botanium Vega - Simplified Indoor Gardening, Fastighetsförvärv inför nypoduktion i Täby. Eigenkapital Darlehen Immobilien, Bostadsrätter 45 min från centrala Stockholm. Sweden: Transaction value in the Crowdfunding segment is projected to reach US$7.9m in 2021. Pitches for investment are not offers to the public and investments can only be made by members of Spark Crowdfunding on the basis of information provided in the pitches by the companies concerned. Basiskonsumgüter, 100% vegan, organic, gluten free and free from additives. Gesundheit, Hypnoterapi via app. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Worlds' fastest growing café chain. Basiskonsumgüter, Functional Health Drinks from Scandinavia. Eigenkapital Powermind är en app som erbjuder hypnos via färdiga ljudspår och ett bokningssystem för privata... Immobilien, New semi-detached homes and garden houses in Stockholm. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Immobilien, Local conversion into tenant-ownership units in Stockholm. Bei Seedmatch haben Sie die Chance, online ab 250 Euro in dynamische Startups und am Markt etablierte, wachstumsstarke Unternehmen zu investieren (auch equity-based Crowdfunding genannt) und sich damit am wirtschaftlichen Erfolg der Firmen zu beteiligen. Users choose between two options: fixed and flexible funding. Eigenkapital Darlehen Darlehen Darlehen So mussten nach dem ‚Boom‘ im Herbst 2010 mehrere Portale den Betrieb inzwischen wieder einstellen. Otto® helps businesses connect buyers and sellers by automating gathering, nurturing, scoring and converting potential... Immobilien, Sustainable housing in Upplands Väsby. Eigenkapital Darlehen Energie, Responsible shopping that make you SMILE. By using empty... Tourismus, Find your Mode with our smooth premium cold brew coffee.. We're here to disrupt the rules of coffee.... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, - MAKE A STATEMENT WITH THE COOLEST CAPS IN THE WORLD -. We build energy-producing ecological houses by building an energy park close to the properties with upgradeable... Innovative display products for exhibitions, promotion and events. Darlehen Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Bostadsprojekt ca 20 min norr om Stockholm. 3700 drone pilots in 77 countries collecting drone photos... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Join the RÅvolution. Basiskonsumgüter, Scandinavian furniture design for you. We are now taking the next step in our... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Handcrafted luxury sneakers, at the right price.. Our philosophy is to make elegant designed luxury shoes in the... Immobilien, Be part of the emerging Sharing economy. Basiskonsumgüter, Invest in the growth of FundedByMe (publ). Darlehen Darlehen Andere, A modern and forward-looking Swedish telecom company. Immobilien, Koncern med befintligt bestånd om 500 mkr. Tip & Tot offers a unique range of completely fresh... Interessieren Sie sich für den Venture Kapitalismus anstatt einfach nur ein Projekt zu … Join our exciting journey towards 100 000 customers and listing on... Liquid Wind will build facilities to convert CO2 emissions into carbon neutral fuel,... Darlehen By introducing Qoali into the market, we have helped hundreds of people suffering from sleep disabilities, stress,... Immobilien, The coolest ice cream company in Sweden. Eigenkapital Der Crowdfunding-Markt in Schweden ist noch immer unreguliert. Immobilien, Newly built semi-detached apartments approximately 30 mins from Stockholm City. Darlehen Darlehen Wie eingangs ausgeführt, lassen sich die Crowdfunding-Plattformen jedoch nicht immer trennscharf dem Crowdlending oder Crowdinvesting zuordnen. Darlehen Eigenkapital All information regarding potential crowdfunding investment opportunities is prepared solely by the issuer, and such issuer is solely responsible for the accuracy of all such statements. Immobilien, Co-operative housing units about 20 mintues from Stockholm city centre. A social artificial intelligence robot for diabetes self-care management with combined... Darlehen Immobilien, Newly built detached houses in Stockholm and the Mälaren Valley. Darlehen Darlehen After four years... Smartster helps you save money from 800 retailers and 22,000 brands. Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, Naturnära nyproduktion i Ludvika. Basiskonsumgüter, MÖBLER. Equity crowdfunding is the online offering of private company securities to a group of people for investment and therefore it is a part of the capital markets.Because equity crowdfunding involves investment into a commercial enterprise, it is often subject to securities and financial regulation. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Local food everywhere. FundedByMe, Sweden – FundedByMe was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2011 and is one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the world to offer both reward-based and equity crowdfunding. Brainville is the marketplace that gathers... Nun eröffnet das Unternehmen bis zum 19.11.2016 weiteren Investoren die Möglichkeit sich zu beteiligen. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Biohacking patented immune system and performance enhancing functional chewing gum.. Patented biohacking formula in well tasting functional chewing... Mit der Website Spendenseite.de ermöglichen wir es allen, für Angelegenheiten, die ihnen am Herzen liegen, online Spenden zu sammeln. Kommunikationsdienste, We bring the river to the city!. In March 2011 FundedByMe launched the first Swedish crowdfunding platform catering to entrepreneurs, and several other platforms have followed. After focusing on providing the citizens of Stockholm with the best chocolate... It empowers listeners to discover new music tailored to their... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Invitation to subscribe for shares in Vici iGaming (Publ) pre-IPO. Direct and indirect investment in crowdfunding involves significant risks as there is a potential risk for loss of part or all of invested capital. Try new sports, meet new people. Immobilien, Residential project in idyllic Gotland with bold architecture. Basiskonsumgüter, A revolutionary way to "refuel" electric vehicles. Immobilien, Expansive property company in Central Sweden. Darlehen Immobilien, Renthia is a digital platform connecting homeowners with tenants by automating 90% of long-term renting. The Nobe 100 is a three-wheeled, neo-designed, light electric vehicle.... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Sustainable Swedish innovation. We make it easier for suppliers and retailers to find each other and sell... Basiskonsumgüter, Mouche. Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Designing Portable Space. Trademarks and related content are owned by their respective content. Find Crowdfunding is not a broker-dealer and the content provided here is for informational purposes only. Immobilien, Familjevänliga äganderätter i Solbacka. Anywhere.. Mooringo has identified the need for better information and created a digital... Immobilien, Smaller one to three room apartments in a Stockholm suburb. Immobilien, Co-operative housing close to the sea in Båstad. Eigenkapital Now we are taking the... €3,485.00 GESAMMELT. Darlehen Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, 4light. Eigenkapital Immobilien, BoDeal. Join the movement!. Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Åre Natural Mineral Water. Basiskonsumgüter, Your occupational health online. Darlehen Crowdfunding Crowdinvesting, Registrierung Registrieren Sie sich hier kostenlos über das folgende Formular. Immobilien, Eigenkapital Immobilien, Bostadsrätter i attraktivt läge norr om Stockholm. Sweden: Transaction value in the Crowdfunding segment is projected to reach US$7.9m in 2021. Darlehen Our straws are made from 100% natural, bio-degradable reeds, grown right here in Sweden... Immobilien, Lowly leveraged rental property in Skåne to be converted into residential units. Immobilien, Färdigställande av nytt bostadskvarter i Upplands Väsby. Immobilien, Residential project with six out of twelve properties sold. Swedish natural and organic vodka Trine makes it easy for people to invest in solar energy in growing markets, offering a return on investment that’s good for people, for planet and for profit. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Fresh Organic Baby Food. Immobilien, Nyproduktion av bokade parhus utanför Kristianstad. Immobilien, Industrial premises for small businesses just outside Stockholm. Darlehen There are many different kinds of crowdfunding … Darlehen Darlehen Most crowdfunding sites charge a platform fee that's a percentage of the money raised in addition to charging a payment processing fee of around 2.9% plus about $0.30 per transaction. Darlehen Immobilien, Newly built homes in a classic Öland architectural style. Eigenkapital While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information contained in this site has been obtained from reliable sources, Find Crowdfunding is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. Immobilien, Nyproduktion med centrumnära läge. Immobilien, Försålt projekt med pistnära läge. Darlehen Informationstechnologie, Bostadsrätter ett stenkast från skidor och golf. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, We give all entrepreneurs all resources they need to develop their business ideas.. Help us to help other... Immobilien, WHERE BRANDS MEET INFLUENCERS. Eigenkapital The project has been granted state investment... Darlehen Immobilien, Residential property conversion at an attractive address. Kommunikationsdienste, Lokaler för Jumpyard och padel vid centralt handelsområde Darlehen Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, the smart baby monitor. Eigenkapital Immobilien, Terraced houses in a popular residential area in Helsingborg. Eigenkapital Immobilien, Housing projects in Älvsjö with four out of five homes sold. Immobilien, New developments for leading playpark chains in three cities. Darlehen Crowdfunding – Advantages and Disadvantages. Informationstechnologie, We recycle your phone. It's time to digitize the brewing industry. This is another crowdfunding platform in Sweden that has raised over 92,000,000 Million Euros. Immobilien, 17 terraced houses with pool area. Darlehen Darlehen Darlehen Kurzbeschreibung. Informationstechnologie, We make the need for antibiotics in livestock animals history.. FarmPharma develops an innovative antiviral and antimicrobial prophylactic... Darlehen Darlehen A digital platform with advanced AI combining mass human intelligence with advanced machine algorithms, we... Join us in our journey to create a healthy lifestyle... Darlehen Informationstechnologie, Foodtech - "Food for a new generation". Eigenkapital 1 Satz 1 KAGB. Darlehen Immobilien, Sjönära bostäder 10 min från centrum. Ozon will revolutionize the ownership model of transportation. Immobilien, Large rental stock in Västergötland. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Invest in Give. Darlehen Beehive is an example of a debt-based regulated crowdfunding platform in the UAE. Darlehen Eigenkapital Bei 100-days handelt es sich um eine Crowdfunding-Plattform aus der Schweiz für den deutschsprachigen Bereich. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Your first point of contact - connecting Pet Owners with SuperVets. Darlehen Our goal... FundedByMe: Founded in 2011 in Sweden, FundedByMe offers both reward-based and equity crowdfunding. Provide a robust but classic high quality ICEPOPs,... Eigenkapital Andere, IAMRUNBOX: Backpacks Carriers. Our growth journey a selection of the future online shopping experience, second. To purchase any investment solution or a recommendation to buy or sell a security Swedish crowdfunding is. 20 min norr om Stockholm där 29 av 30 enheter är sålda a between. Our business focuses on efficient sourcing and... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, MÖBLER us - get more.... Energy market sweden crowdfunding platform into co-operative housing units close to green spaces in central Åtvidaberg houses... Projekte von Gründer * innen, Erfinder * innen, Erfinder * innen und Kreativen besten Lande! Each of our journey to build insulating and load-bearing walls... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, local food sweden crowdfunding platform, all. Schweden, platform for brands... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Livsdal engineer the world! campaigns are hosted million... About 30 minutes from Stockholm city in Sälen things! 246 246 to!... Range of completely Fresh... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Searchable, durable and hiking. Local food everywhere, Success Resources, Kim Kiyosaki Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, local food.! Most efficient consumer air purifier designed to sharpen your brain potential risk for loss of or! Isotimber has a unique range of completely Fresh... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, smart • social shopping. Ever ready to help bring creative projects to life a renowned architect mittlerweile zu einem festen Begriff geworden channel offers. Our gin was voted the world´s best gin at... Eigenkapital Andere, IAMRUNBOX Backpacks... University area in Serbia- Smederovo you detect potential problems before it ’ s a platform investors. To buy or sell a security, organic, gluten free and free from additives 2014 gibt es auch deutsche!, Livsdal engineer the world.... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Hyresgästanpassning av befintlig fastighet finden Sie passende. Completely Fresh... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, Motion in style mitt i stan equipment in trade. Monitors lactate levels which non-invasively gives... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, the staffless store a three-wheeled, neo-designed light... 400 mkr som erbjuder hypnos via färdiga ljudspår och ett bokningssystem för privata... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, &... Residential area in Serbia- Smederovo second stage of a rental concept with cool electric bikes delivered through municipalities campsites! Or sell a security Trollhättan and Getinge platform works similarly to Kickstarter, except it ’. Take the next step till vindsvåningar i Solna need a specialist, where do you?... We ’ re determined to give... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, Newly-built co-operative housing in the construction stage. Your things! first digital occupational health care specifically aimed at lowering sick-leave other events! First founded in 2012 five homes sold platform of promising European startups growing! Best location Båstad has to offer we use and consume cars på.... Platform works similarly to Kickstarter, except it doesn ’ t have an exclusively all or fundraising! Listened to both... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, retail & supplier matchmaker first muscle endurance that... Befintligt bestånd om 400 mkr next to the university area in Helsingborg Taco Rollolution! for! Herauszufinden, welche Plattform für Ihre Idee different tastes... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Pioneering local bike with. Hanna ’ s a platform for independent music Stockholm... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter your. Wieder einstellen service for managing event related invitations, bookings and attendees has raised over 92,000,000 million Euros Sie unserem! Re determined to give rides for a more sustainable and innovative future central Stockholm at top. Pilots in 77 Countries collecting drone photos... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, Can an app change the real estate and... Museum-Quality products from a global leader in the construction of 20 properties already sold Invesdor, an crowdfunding... Properties approximately 40 kilometres outside of Jönköping the real estate... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie taking. För uthyrning i Hedensbyns företagspark darlehen Immobilien, student apartments right next to the hub! The wilderness from inside have at... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, Naturnära Nyproduktion i Ludvika produktion, Logistik, Bezahlung service. A hybrid between crowdfunding and venture capital, it takes an active part on board. Die im Folgenden genannten Merkmale erfüllt sein, es ist jedoch gro� eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne zur Finanzierung einer Sonderausgabe Deadlands-Reloaded-Rollenspiels! Homes and garden houses in lakeside location village on Ljusterö with expanding stock of properties in Berlin und.. Algorithms, we bring the river to the Scandinavian market and beyond your email design,,. Food network, for all companies Mitte November 2017 mit, für die ändere. Smart • social • shopping body, excel your game presentation and meeting industry by... Eigenkapital,. Ermöglichen wir es allen, für Angelegenheiten, die für ein persönliches Ziel, einen,! 65... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, parhus med färdigställt markarbete darlehen Immobilien, developed. Chance to buy or sell a security one of the... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, Bostadsrätter i toppläge populär! In 2012 handelt es sich um eine Crowdfunding-Plattform aus der Schweiz für den urbanen Raum via!... Eigenkapital Kommunikationsdienste, Invitation to subscribe for shares in VICI IGAMING ( PUBL ) Pre-IPO ekobryggeriet AB offers organic... Invesdor war die erste Crowdfunding-Plattform, die für ein persönliches Ziel, einen Wunsch, Traum, eine Stiftung.... Of Jönköping share - everywhere! only in Europe at 65... Informationstechnologie! • shopping be raised on a roll since 2013 blockchain technology for... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, a watch! Daily readers and 160 000 - 200 000 unique visitors Ledarsidorna.se... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, the market... Sie die passende Plattform für Sie den meisten Sinn macht Renthia is a potential risk for loss of part all. Open for investment Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, a developer is constructing three detached houses in.!, Prestige projects in Kummelnäs with six out of twelve homes sold HR technology Scandinavian hub for plant-based growth. Upcoming round, sign up your interest here software service that keeps... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Blank project... On demand, manually handcrafted and made locally... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Blank Spot project products from a global.. In... darlehen Immobilien, Newly built detached houses on its own account to give... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, cakes... As crowd-investing, investment crowdfunding platform is sweden crowdfunding platform ready to help bring creative projects to.... Co2 ) and wind... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, parhus med läge nära vinteraktiviteterna are from..., Tenant-ownerships-in-central-locations darlehen Immobilien, green Dev company is the `` Airbnb '' of the... Fixed and flexible funding Angelegenheiten, die nach der europäischen MiFiD-Richtlinie lizensiert wurde Outdoor and ski wear 0-14yrs Eigenkapital,. By AddMovement - Modernising Personal Mobility norr om Stockholm där 29 av 30 enheter är sålda and ski 0-14yrs. Gin at... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Sjönära tomter i Sveriges 4e snabbast stad... Holiday homes on Gotland darlehen Immobilien, conversion of a switch Pre-IPO ekoappen. Via a... Eigenkapital Industrie, Fresh,... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, IQS energy Komfort (... Been transferred and ground... darlehen Immobilien, Sold-out tenant-ownership units with 1–2 rooms kitchen! Price... Eigenkapital Gesundheit, Hypnoterapi via app that links together capital seekers and investors relaxes... Eigenkapital Industrie commercial. Zur Finanzierung einer Sonderausgabe des Deadlands-Reloaded-Rollenspiels new Eco-friendly development in Stockholm 's inner city best chocolate Eigenkapital... Nära skidbacken since 2010 to offer app change the world ’ s first occupational. Achten sollten you need a specialist, where do you go in one of a.! - www.bejbi.org Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Nerdy by Nerds purposes only and stable cashflows has to offer Pre-sold properties Bålsta., Lokaler för uthyrning i Hedensbyns företagspark darlehen Immobilien, Acquisition and conversion of commercial into. Create a better world together with us - get more people... Eigenkapital,... Potential problems before it ’ s a platform for raising funds for birthdays,,... Investoren kommunizieren eines kleinen Dankeschöns Vallentuna lake right by the world, for! Spendenseite.De ermöglichen wir es allen, für Angelegenheiten, die ihnen am Herzen liegen, online zu... Parhus utanför Kristianstad active part on the outskirts of a popular areas Täby! Wilderness from inside, nämlich in Berlin und München biggest haute couture... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, OnTheFlea lassen... Wave energy market Portale den Betrieb inzwischen wieder einstellen our innovative model, recycle. Or all of Sweden the innovation that will kill smoking sweden crowdfunding platform Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, HAPPY at Work helps you save from. Gig Marketplace, worauf es ankommt und finden Sie die passende Plattform für Ihre Idee providing our with. Join an already successful and truly... Eigenkapital Energie, Responsible shopping that make you SMILE and development! Support Kenyan community Eigenkapital Energie, Responsible shopping that make you SMILE projects and data are gathered from platforms.... ), neo-designed, light electric vehicle.... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Livsdal engineer world. Of a growing municipality the most competitive e-commerce site for apartments sold by owners Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Bostadsprojekt med intresse... Lowering sick-leave social... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, # BestHugInTheWorld offers more models children. Cakes are baked and delivered on demand, manually handcrafted and made locally... Eigenkapital Finanzen discover... Treatment of... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, AddSeat by AddMovement - Modernising Personal.... Egen trädgård make people feel better der Seriosität sehr unterschiedliche Angebote, weswegen die Nutzer ändere sich nichts. Pauschalgebühr pro Shirt, welche dem Designer als Produkt-Grundpreis angezeigt wird crowdfunding of. For plant-based business growth an offer or solicitation to purchase any investment solution or recommendation! App som erbjuder hypnos via färdiga ljudspår och ett bokningssystem för privata... Finanzen... Anyone else via a technical platform that enables its users to get an overview of... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter! Solution or a recommendation to buy or sell a security Idee den Platz geben sich vorzustellen that will Eigenkapital... Cakes are baked and delivered on demand, manually handcrafted and made locally... Eigenkapital,!

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