In the projection booth, after the looting, go to the front middle where you can see the control panel. After completing this mission, the mission named The Guns Of Reliance will become the next active main mission. Pocket Monty’s Wooden Board inside and then open the Red Chest just beyond before dropping down to the Grotto below. The clue is that you need to recreate the Typhon DeLeon scene as shown by the posters to the wall on either side. After you and Wainwright discuss the plans on how you will accept the offer and he will sneak into the manner, head down the lift or choose another way as you head towards the Jakobs Estate. Search the room that you have just jumped down into and look around for the vault key clue which will be shown by a waypoint. 1 Background 2 Walkthrough 2.1 Objectives 2.2 Strategy 2.3 Completion 3 Notes 4 Mission Transcript 5 Video Walkthroughs "Aurelia Hammerlock, Sir Hammerlock's sister and CEO of the Jakobs Corporation, is offering to pay you to leave Eden-6. Either fight your way through the enemies or make a rush to the waypoint but keep in mind that either way you will have to face enemies as there is a waiting time for the lift. Aurelia Hammerlock, Sir Hammerlock's sister and CEO of the Jakobs Corporation, is offering to pay you to leave Eden-6. If you are in a rush you can head over to the button as soon as you can and activate it followed by killing any other enemies that arrive so while waiting for the lift, you get to kill the enemies. Head up to the Jakobs Manor and look for the doorbell which will be on the right side of the door when you approach the manor. Planet: Eden-6 Area: Jakobs Estate Quest Giver: Wainwright Requirement: having started Lair of the Harpy Recommended Level: 26 Reward: 4569$ / 6126XP Mission Info: Aurelia’s eliminating the hired help. Aurelia will instruct you to wait for her in the dining hall so you are to make your way towards the hall which is marked by a waypoint. Walkthrough Inside this secret area, it is time to find that Vault Key clue and start on the path to the next Vault Key! Leave the Vault & Return to the Sanctuary. Next, pick up Balex. You will be in a swamp like biome and will need to make your way towards a lift that will bring you over a large crossing where the Jakobs Manor is located. - Best Remote Learning School, For Kids Age 5-14. We're not exactly talking multiple acts and stages here with regards to the organization of the key quests for completion. It's also the only way to find the Eden-6 Vault Key. Borderlands 3 Find Vault Key clue Lair of the Harpy, He's in his shop area. ... Press the right lever until the Vault Arch appears. The lift will take some time so its good to do a bit of looting or killing for experience and ammunition, health and even some gear. Required fields are marked *. Suggested Level: Lvl 21. Once the lift has arrived, make your way towards the manor which is across a bridge. Lair of the Harpy Mission Objectives To gain access to it, Geralt must obtain a key from Cecil Burdon during the quest Hunting Magic. It's almost … Omari: Picnic Baskets & Other Special Locations, Malevolent Practice Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3, Fire in the Sky Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3, Do It For Digby (Part 1) Side Quest in BL3, Discover the Trial of Survival: Location, Boss & More, BL3 Empowered Scholar (Boss): Defeating, Location, Abilities, Drops, Weak Spots. The clues you have to act on are the red lines drawn on the poster: circling Typhon Deleon, the vault logo, and underlining “ruins”. It's almost certainly a trap. In here, go over to the Western side where you can see a strange skull with a lit-up eye. Once the robots are dead, plug Balex in at the front of the ship. Chapter 12: Lair of the Harpy. When looking for the Clue, head to Monty's Den, and make your way to the Bedroom. In Borderlands 3, when you arrive at Eden-6 you have to get involved with Wainwright Jakobs, to participate in the assault of Aurelia, you have to get an important clue to be able to find the key to the Vault, and thus have the option to open the second Vault, finally you have to solve the puzzle of the harpy stage lair. It’s also the only way to find the Eden-6 Vault Key. On this planet you will help Wainwright in an attempt to steal the Vault Key from Aurelia Hammerlock. Make your way towards the waypoint which will point you to the direction where the Jakobs Estate is located. Dedicated Loot Pool. Press the doorbell and Aurelia will greet you and tell you to come in via a hologram where soon after the doors open. During the Lair Of The Harpy mission, you will encounter The Anointed in a theater where you are supposed to open up a trapdoor heading to a secret area as you search for a clue regarding the vault key fragment that is on Eden-6 and will have to defeat this boss before you can proceed.. Fighting & Killing The Anointed This puzzle can be a little confusing at first glance. Lair of the Harpy mission opens up after completing the Hammerlocked mission in … Turn on the set in the theater before you can start solving the puzzle which is to open up a trapdoor that leads to the vault key clue. Get on the lift and activate the lever which will cause the lift to head back to the other side where the manor is. Aurelia has offered you a large amount of cash if you leave the planet so that she may carry out with her sinister work which also involves her helping the Calypso twins. You and Wainwright are going to trick Aurelia where you will pretend to accept the offer and Wainwright will infiltrate the estate. Michael James has been an avid gamer since he was young. It's right next to Balex. It's also the only way to find the Eden-6 Vault Key. Once you arrive near the waypoint you will have to continue on foot, head to the Jakobs Estate and enter the location to enter the mission area. Head further inside the manor in search for the vault key clue and follow the waypoint showing your next destination. Listed below are the rewards and level requirements for completing the Lair of the Harpy Mission Objectives. People don't really need much encouragement to turn against Aurelia. Return to Sanctuary. Your task is to recreate the setup shown on the poster. Talk to Wainwright. He loves to play video games and enjoys writing about it to share his experience and ideas with others. If you are still having difficultly locating the Treasure Vault, you’ll find a detailed explanation to the location of each Treasure Vault and its lock for the Vault Key. Its best to bring a vehicle since walking of foot may take a while and keep in mind that the map is a bit crazy so check your path first. A hidden room will open up and you will find a record which is an audio recording that will need to be played by Wainwright as he is the only one with a working record player. Make your way towards the theater where you will soon encounter a boss that Troy has created in an attempt to stop you. Lair of the Harpy Mission Objectives It takes place in Jakobs Estate, where you have to solve a bunch of challenges in order to get the Eden-6 vault key. Wainwright has a plan to take back Eden-6, but first, he needs an army. During this mission, Lair of the Harpy, you will encounter a brief trap door puzzle. Crouch and head through the short opening in the wall there. Head back to Floodmoor Basin. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike unless otherwise noted. He's hired a gunslinger named Clay to help start a resistance. The scene should look like the below picture. Once you get the scene correct hit the button on the right again to open the secret door. As soon as Troy is about to kill you, Wainwright will appear out of nowhere, taunt Troy and aim at him. Find Vault Key clue, Return to Wainwright Proceed to the west to enter Monty’s Den where you’ll find a skull you can interact with on the western bookshelf to open a secret passage. Lair of the Harpy is a mission in Borderlands 3. On the ground just in front of the control panel is the clue to the puzzle you need to solve. Nothing looks important in here, so go to the North into the hallway that leads to the next room, a bedroom. The combination will be Typhon DeLeon who is portrayed holding a whip, a vault gate which looks like an inverted letter “V” and the vault background. Billy, The Anointed can be a pain to deal with since he is very tanky and does a lot of damage if he gets too close, be sure to keep a good distance and aim for his head. You will need to arrange the stage props according to clue hidden around in the room to put the correct combination together. Aside from playing, he also enjoys helping other gamers both ingame and on-site. AD. Once you have dealt with Billy you can head on towards the second floor where you need to solve a puzzle to open up your path to the vault key clue. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Sacked Side Quest. When Balex tells you to, pick up the GenIVIV Hard Drive. Before leaving the Anvil, head to the unexplored room leading from the boss arena. Crouch and head through the short opening in the wall there. You'll find an ECHO Log in there, on a desk. Completing The Lair Of The Harpy mission will award you with around 4,569 cash the “Whispering Ice” epic grenade mod. Billy The Anointed - Boss Battle Tips Find Vault Key clue is an objective in the Story Mission, Lair of the Harpy in Borderlands 3. Continue to the West into the next room of the Den. Activate the button so the lift will head over to your side and take care of any enemies that have followed you. Children Of The Vault; Borderlands 3 Lair of the Harpy Walkthrough. AD. It’s also the only way to find the Eden-6 Vault Key. Clues [edit | edit source] There are 40 clue bottles to collect in this area, and the vault is located at the end of the long trail of icicles. The Vault Key Clue Search the room that you have just jumped down into and look around for the vault key clue which will be shown by a waypoint. You can explore and loot as much as you want but the next part of the mission requires you to enter the hall marked on your map by the waypoint. Lair of the Harpy Rewards and Requirements Listed below are the rewards and level requirements for completing the Lair of the Harpy Mission Objectives. The harpy lair is located past the old quarry outside of Vergen. Wainwright hits Troy with his shotgun and taunts him once more which causes Troy to chase after him just after releasing you from the phaselock, allowing you to escape.

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