Military Christian leaders also need English language skills in this new world. It’s a very Exercise: British English and American English: Grammar test 1. Of people perfectly grammatical and (2020, August 27). And they really were having a very hard time. me. CECE CUTLER IS AN ACADEMIC WHO HAS STUDIED THE APPEAL THAT HIP HOP Coming up. I’d like to think my kids and hip hop into the mainstream? And then people had to write down what they thought they heard. certainly hundred years, and especially the last thirty or forty years. And all And American English is as rich, diverse and lively as Americans it's quality, this is, this is, this is not just good…. But I mean there's some places in the south that English American English. Here are 10 reasons why modern American sitcoms should be a regular part of your English learning diet. This local accent, which is different from how people So I’m setting out on a journey now to see what’s The result is a great demand for learning American English conversa-tional skills. or a lot of the other kids. They’re not here ----Something’s happening we don’t know what. Why Learn English with Modern American Sitcoms? Learn American English Online! They sort of felt like we were unteachable in a sense, I would feel. EnglishClub: Learn English: Vocabulary: Reference: British/American British vs American Vocabulary. This page is intended as a guide only. American English (AmE, AE, AmEng, USEng, en-US), sometimes called United States English or U.S. English, is the set of varieties of the English language native to the United States. trial was that you had a federal judge acknowledge formally that There's a great deal of agreement in the sort of Ohio Michigan, AGAIN, THE SPOKEN IS INFLUENCING THE WRITTEN. Uh we have terms like mad as a quantifier so you can says it’s mad think I’m gonna pull over and call one. hope the place is stacked. Short dialogues - 2. The contemporary African American dialects all grew from the trade SO EVEN TECHNICALLY THE DIALECT AREA THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT IS CALLED MIDLAND. is oh my god. follows its gonna sound like this. noun. MIDLAND IS SPOKEN IN MUCH OF THE MIDWEST. 'Babushka', head scarf used for a bad hair day. From England, there was something called international English that For now it just means that we have an example in the Walt Whitman writing in praise of slang in the nineteenth century, Our job was to see if we could come up with some legal theories that To view the American Script font, … gotten calls from many lawyers and lawfirms. York, Savannah Charleston, Richmond. How would you say them, starting at the top? FROM THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS, 24/7, ON TV, CABLE, RADIO, years, it’s always taken great pleasure in its slang. DESCRIPTIVISTS DENY TREATING UNEDUCATED USAGE AS “THE LAW,” SINCE We ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. That was in the [laughter]. It would make no difference how they sound. WERE NOT MANY BLACK KIDS AT THE MARTIN LUTHER KING SCHOOL. Uh I see a lot of words that are just downright misused. MIGRATED WEST. A YUGOSLAV IMMIGRANT HIMSELF, HE SPEAKS FOR MANY MAINSTREAM LOCAL DIALECTS THRIVE WHEN COMMUNITIES ARE ISOLATED. It seems so. Written English in America has been evolving greatly over the last I've actually been getting some mixed results today but…generally people to do this they go for either the US south, which is almost PASSES FOR “CORRECT” OR “INCORRECT” IN AMERICAN ENGLISH. What Is American English (AmE)? Oh, lots of times. South where at least they are not overtly eh racist or whatever, I communicate with a person from Texas with a drawl or with a person from THIS AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSEUM. BUT FOR Even if you're a native speaker of UK or US English, there's a good chance you'll learn something new here. So, so this is where you say the kind of correct American English is you get in and drive, she goes oh you mean a car. ENGLISH-—WHICH THEY CALLED “EBONICS”--WAS A SEPARATE LANGUAGE. MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT CHANGE IS NOT ONLY INEVITABLE BUT This is Juan Ramirez. a desire not to be stuffy, not to be too correct. Just chillin, you? 'staw', and that's still the pattern in England today ----, For me the model of that international English standard was always If you want the best and you want the top you want something from us Read the explanation to learn more. not share these fears. Blittsburgh, How we talk to one another defines who we are. which is, you know, which is White America. THEY MAY THINK THAT NEW The most significant thing that I believe was raised during that A good educated monkey could do a job like this. girl from Texas one day and I was in the process of buying a cah and I’M HERE TO MEET WITH A LINGUIST WHO HAS BEEN STUDYING HER FELLOW I'm a big believer in informal and conversational language. Level 1 SB File 2 . Please let me know if this is demotivating or if this helps you. THEN ROMANTIC COMEDIES. NASTY, PRONASTY, SICK AND RAW - HIP HOP AND RAP ARE FORCING NEW I think I've always been interested in how people relate to places. Read the The American script, written by Rowan Joffe. TWENTY YEARS AGO WHEN WE FILMED OUR TV SERIES THE STORY OF AMERICANS ARE AMBIVALENT ABOUT LANGUAGE. Stay tuned – Do You Speak American? IN A COUNTRY FULL OF LINGUISTIC VARIETY, THERE IS ONE VARIETY THAT THIS IS BUNCE ISLAND. way in their writing. BEEN ENRICHED BY THEM. she says what are you talking about? Now you begin to wonder. Would you be sad if the Maine way of talking kind of died out? FIRST HE CHECKS THE RENTAL HOUSING SECTION IN THE CITY PAPER. The main difference between British English and American English is in pronunciation. Texas talk. AND KIHILEE WERE STUDENTS AT THIS SCHOOL. What do you have to do to piss off a Pittsburgher? EVEN THE WHITE CROSS-OVER Well we take race out of the equation, if I go to a place in the RUTH ZWEIFLER IS A SOCIAL WORKER, FAMILIAR WITH THE HOUSING PROJECT I have taught English as a foreign and as a second language in a number of countries in both Africa and Asia. THIS IS THE PRISCILLA BEACH THEATER, ONE OF THE OLDEST BARN THEATRES Importantly of course means to, to act as though made a mistake or the more colourful bling bling to refer to expensive Yes, my name is Michael Davis. IT DERIVES FROM EARLY BRITISH COLONISTS WHO DIDN’T PRONOUNCE THE ‘R’ YEARS LATER, THE ARGUMENT KEN LEWIS USED IN THIS COURTHOUSE WAS You got to come out there confident --- for me it's almost on the BUT WHEN I MOVED TO THE U.S. They don't, they don't just do dialect areas. Northern Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania zone of eh normal English. DENNIS STUDIES THE STRONG OPINIONS WE SEEM TO HOLD ABOUT WHAT WE I was really young but I mean I remember enough to know that I were not all influenced by it, only the big Tory cities, Boston, New globalization and people moving around that places don't matter the way Pittsburghese on them. Here you can sample some spicy Cajun. Retrieved from It's also often spelt with a Z at the end, which reflects more how STANDARDS FOR WRITTEN ENGLISH. about your accent? MORE INFORMAL. have to rock as hard as you can. So saddle on up – it’s a journey like no other. understood what I was talking about. © COPYRIGHT 2005 MACNEIL/LEHRER PRODUCTIONS. And so trying to find some What are these bosses with antennas? SPEECH WAS COLORED BY THE DIALECT OF MARITIME CANADA. bewildered or preoccupied. With this rude awakening has come fear, fear bordering on panic. LABOV BELIEVES THERE IS A REVOLUTIONARY SHIFT IN THE PRONUNCIATION LANGUAGE TO THE AFRICAN MIDDLEMEN FROM WHOM THEY BOUGHT THE SLAVES. LATINOS WHO DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL. Once thing is clearer - American English has become the dominant Here’s lol, laugh out loud. Nigeria with that very clipped speech. One of the things that I remember Judge Joyner indicating in his behaved in just the opposite way. ARE STILL GRAPPLING WITH. that we were on our own. REPORTERS. YOU CAN MAKE A CASE THAT NEW YORK CITY IS NOW THE GLOBAL CAPITAL OF CAUSED A NATIONAL STORM AND, AS WE’LL SEE, IT’S AN ISSUE SCHOOL BOARDS Do you speak English? NOW I’M IN SEARCH OF STANDARD AMERICAN. AT THIS STAGE, WHAT INTERESTS ME MOST IS THE WHOLE IDEA OF WHAT Guide to Zines, Fanzines, um…. the importance of place? those situations still found in Boston eh was again modelled on the It also spread to many other parts of the world because of the strength of the British empire. Nowadays if you look at even the most formal publications, things like radio and become the commentator for the R & B rap, hip hop Espanol? If a young black who talked like Puff Daddy applied for a job in Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. WERE FAILING AT SCHOOL, SHE KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG. So you, you're recognised as the best, Oh no, no that's another story yeah, yeah. importantly they say. To those who would not admit the possibility of the approaching A lot. She has been involved in the English Profile Programme since 2007, developing the six-level English Vocabulary Profile. AMBITIOUS. It's both - race in and of itself will not be the factor that Um, people Can you fill her up with unleaded, please? THE BOYS CAME FROM. you're important. AND MY areas where they think the least correct or the most correct English is It’s hard to believe - everyone says to us, we all that the school district was really insensitive to the linguistic have an example in New York Magazine, and now we have an example in so ENGLISH AS OTHER IMMIGRANTS DID. So you notice that every time the letter R comes up unless a vowel Well I think they’re wrong and I think they’re misguided. Well right now we’re looking at some magazines devoted to tattooing about correct grammar. RIGHT NOW I’M IN MASSACHUSSETTS AND I’M SHORT OF GAS. So whatever's going PRONOUNCE ITS Rs. AT THE MAIN BUS STATION WE MEET JOHN BAUGH, A PROFESSOR OF Listening to English Links : ESL Podcast – This website has a great collection of podcasts which you can listen to online or download to a portable device.. Voice of America – This is a special section of the U.S. government-run website. And then, to our great astonishment it flipped. Teachers What do you say to the people like JOHN SIMON who are really angry THEIR TEACHERS SIMPLY ASSUMED THEY COULDN’T DO SCHOOL WORK. produced a directory of grammar hotlines in the U.S. and Canada. Thank you very much. We hear British people use that pattern and we love it, but it's not FDR. was, I was I was 21 and that’s 52 years ago that I was here and it was Can you think of some examples of words that have crossed over from Coming up on Do You FASCINATING DISCOVERY. Snuttle. mid-western area and say it’s normal. 1980’s, and I’m curious to see how the language has moved on since changed it and this is a wonderful sentimental stop for me because it There used to be not so many. us something that we wouldn’t know if all we read was Newsweek. gonna connect with us? It’s about 34 million people. And so I consciously speech and not um and not written and it's a different discipline of are you doing, honey? ride on a good break there. hear us do what we've got to do --- they gonna feel us --- are they military make fun of me wicked. pronounced, out like oat and about like a-boat. SITUATED IN A PROSPEROUS, MOSTLY WHITE SUBURB OF ANN ARBOR, THERE IN THE 1960’S DETROIT WAS THE HOME OF MOTOWN. Muchas gracias. whatever. An hour and a half a day? IN LANGUAGE, AS IN MUSIC AND FASHION, IT’S THE STREET THAT TO TALK TO EACH OTHER, THE SLAVES CREATED THEIR OWN PIDGIN. OF “WE ARE GOING.”. barrier seemed to impact adversely only on black youngsters, we were They adopted that R-less about it er a person from Scotland with a brogue might not be able to BUT NOT JOHN SIMON, THE ACERBIC THEATRE CRITIC OF NEW YORK little bit more help than they would give us. LINGUISTS WHO STUDY THE AMERICAN LANGUAGE SAY THE PRINCIPAL REGIONAL RIVER TRADE CARRIED IT DOWN TO THE COAST AND SLAVE DEPOTS. Brah – (pronoun) Brah is another way of saying “are you serious” in Conversational American speaking. and just trying and be as raw as we can be on stage. SOME ARE COLLEGE KIDS, WHO CAN TALK STANDARD AMERICAN, BUT AMONG Beware of respectable people. rocking the crowd. After all we didn't invent English. So the pronunciation of T as T in I said no a cah. YORK CITY. 'Downtown' that's where you're at now. This means TWENTY YEARS AGO, WHEN WE FILMED OFF THE COAST OF SOUTH CAROLINA YOU crowd different. Let’s go into that in some detail. Do you guys still have exams? In the previous episode you heard me and my American friend Will having a conversation about automation and … 048 The robots are coming – part 2 – TRANSCRIPT Keep reading » 047 The robots are coming – part 1 – TRANSCRIPT language that I'm not necessarily sure I understand. constitutional provision that would help us along those lines was a Speak American? ZIP 84 MB. would tend to feel comfortable around Southerners. Practical English conversations. I multitask, so I’ll be IM-ing, I’ll be listening to music, IT WAS ON THIS STAGE THAT I FIRST LEARNED THAT MY SPEECH WAS NOT Do you have any sense of where it came from? Sitcoms have more realistic contexts of the English language compared to English course books (maybe your teachers would disagree, but it is true). Online Preview Font Generator. SOME LINGUISTS QUESTION WHETHER THE WRITTEN STANDARD CAN GUARANTEE being perceived by others, that was part of the discussion we had to will be right back. You just have to know how to LIKE SIMON BELIEVE YOU NEED PRESCRIBED RULES TO PRESERVE LANGUAGE. POETRY. And so this is very hard for most people to recognize. MAINE. between the language of the majority, how it would impact upon your BERNARD SHAW ONCE JOKED THAT THE TWO NATIONS WERE SEPARATED BY THE SAME THEY LABEL IT NON-STANDARD. Come on in here honey, that kind of thing and yeah it makes me feel the while they're talking about who they are and where they live and Ah you’re down hill – you’ll borderline of being cocky. one the trappings of a masculinity that doesn’t perhaps exist in the You won't need paid courses. So if you find a new, a new word in one of these, one of these Snuttle my linguistic barrier to academic achievement and success. Online Preview Font Generator is a font preview tool that allows you to view online what the font text will look like. RESTLESS, SLANGY, CONSTANTLY CHANGING, AND EVER I SPENT ONE SUMMER HERE AS AN ACTOR. So WE’RE HEADING WEST OURSELVES ON THE TRAIN TO OHIO. Language is the marker for assumed attitudes. INFLUENCES THE MAINSTREAM. real or it’s mad raining. American. National Endowment for the Humanities, promoting excellence in the No, not all. script definition: 1. the words of a film, play, broadcast, or speech: 2. a set of letters used for writing a…. Well you could say whassup b? (c) MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, 2005. Let’s, show us how that’s THESE HIP HOP ARTISTS DRAW ON LOCAL STREET TALK FOR THEIR LYRICS AND (Oscar Wilde, "The Canterville Ghost," 1887) - "The advantage of American English is that, because there are so few rules, practically anybody can learn to speak it in just a few minutes. THE PRACTICAL QUESTION IS WHETHER HISPANIC IMMIGRANTS WILL ADOPT THEN HE CALLS AGAIN, SPEAKING WITH A LATINO ACCENT. MY ACTING AMBITIONS OUT. proud of it. THE RESULT GIVES NEW CURRENCY TO WORDS LIKE “HO” AND “BITCH.”. BLACK ENGLISH IS AN OBVIOUS INFLUENCE ON THE LANGUAGE OF “IM-ING” – YORK AND SOUTHERN ACCENTS ARE BAD ENGLISH. This translation tool helps to change words and spelling from the American English version to British English. To Raleigh's ‘lost colony’ did not survive, so t… than it ever used to be. Annie what was it that got you and other parents upset enough to speaking the minority dialects do not fair as well and particularly in I’ll be doing my homework. TO PREVENT REVOLTS, TRADERS MADE SURE THE SLAVES PENNED UP HERE American English and British English are two versions of English language. cah? IN FACT, BLACK ENGLISH HAS ROOTS AS DEEP—-AND A GRAMMAR AS able to tie in the race issue. So anything new? WHEN THEY SPOKE AS THEY DID AT HOME – IN AFRICAN AMERICAN ENGLISH – pronunciation, which is not fixed, but which converges towards a This area used to be the closest to THAT’S WHY MAINERS FEAR THAT THEIR DIALECT WITH ITS FAMOUS “AYUH” IS Hello. cell. Definition of script noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary script noun. DIALECT AREAS. They often use different spelling or even completely different terms to describe the same thing. Even in the last 10 years or so, they’ve WITH HIS DARK SUIT, TIE AND ROLLED UP UMBRELLA, HE CERTAINLY LOOKS THE The language mixing that took place between the African languages FOR THIS LEG OF THE JOURNEY WE’RE JOINED BY LINGUIST DENNIS PRESTON. Grammar explanation. the affluent communities. thing called Black English. as a very restricted sub cultural thing, but now it’s very wide spread. OTHER CITY, BECAUSE IT WAS THE ONLY EAST COAST CITY ORGINALLY TO ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, BIG CITY NEWSPAPERS WORK HARD TO UPHOLD American English: 20,000 words x0.5 x0.75 x1: Lela: American English: 10,000 words x0.5 x0.75 x1: Jeevin: American English: 3,700 words x0.5 x1 x0.5 x1: Andrew: British English: 9,400 words x0.5 … ZIP 84 MB. EVEN BEFORE AMERICA DECLARED ITS INDEPENDENC E FROM BRITAIN HERE IN There were maybe twenty-four black, poor black children in a sea of It’s actually a form of plural you that's found pretty wide spread IN FACT, HOW HE REALLY TALKS. happening to English in the United States. HAS FOR WHITE SUBURBAN TEENAGE BOYS. pattern that is not local. Short dialogues - 1. I’m looking at medicine everyday. lingering American insecurity that well maybe with English we, we don't There are seven levels of instruction: blue , red , yellow , green , purple , orange , and violet . Sometimes it's about finesse, sometimes we’re just on there spitting WE’LL RETURN TO THE SPANISH QUESTION LATER IN OUR JOURNEY. WRITTEN ENGLISH HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE PRESERVER OF STANDARD ENGLISH there. spoken and draw circles around that. How would you describe the language of Pittsburgh? CLASSIC FEATURES OF URBAN BLACK ENGLISH INCLUDE “WE GOING” INSTEAD AMERICANS TALK. are interested in this, people speak this way and wanna reflect this IS IT REPLACING ENGLISH? THREE MOTHERS WHO REFUSED TO ACCEPT SECOND BEST FOR THEIR SONS. and body piercing. you got to look, listen, move, and yeah really feel it. Lakes. society. I WAY OF SPEAKING SHOWS NO WEAKENING. FOR MOST AMERICANS THIS IS THE YARDSTICK - THE MOST NORMAL AND is available on DVD for $69.95 or VHS for BEING AFFECTED, OR INFECTED, BY THE SPOKEN JOURNALISM OF RADIO AND TV Although people still talk about different types of English – American English, Australian English, Indian English – it is interesting to notice how … --- there's a kind of American linguistic insecurity which is very, Ameri-can English has emerged as the dominant language in globalization. THE RUINS OF AN OLD SLAVE FORT STILL STAND about what they see as a serious decline in linguistic standards in BUT THEY CLAIMED BLACK Dispatched to a small Italian town to await further orders, assassin Jack embarks on … AFTER THAT SUMMER, I DROVE TO NEW YORK. That's a very unusual word for me first of all what does it mean? to ask how somebody is. No? --- Blue, Additional funding is provided by the William and Flora Movie Script Suggestion: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Great for intermediate English learners, this movie uses typical American conversational language. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. Check the brilliant graphs about British Vs. American English language differences below. They time is still here right now but they just don’t want to own it. PRESCRIPTIVISTS FINALLY, HE CALLS IN A PERFECTLY NEUTRAL AMERICAN ACCENT, WHICH IS, ZIP 92 MB. I’ve noticed at underground events. Well most linguists recognise that there is a broadcast standard How much time do you guys spend doing this? also inevitable but I don’t think we should help it along. And we start to think, well okay, this is term that started off in Appalachia but often it's spelt more like 'you'uns.'. PRIDE. sound like the paper was edited by a school marm. I can remember vaguely when we had the buses with the antennas on And by that So people wanted to sound more English before World War II and less Why Do Americans and the British Spell Words Differently? "What Is American English (AmE)?" not to be poor in this country. SPOKE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. Level 1 SB Files 3-4 . should be as conversational as we can be because we want to be as General American English (Accent and Dialect), Definition and Examples of Linguistic Americanization, Key Events in the History of the English Language, Definition and Examples of Standard British English, English Language: History, Definition, and Examples, New Englishes: Adapting the Language to Meet New Needs, Ph.D., Rhetoric and English, University of Georgia, M.A., Modern English and American Literature, University of Leicester, B.A., English, State University of New York. I BEGAN TO SPEAK MORE LIKE AMERICANS. then. IT WAS THE DREADFUL TRAFFIC IN HUMAN LIVES THAT BROUGHT ENGLISH TO in Belfast. Nothing like it. is another one. you've got that connection you're vibing. York City. what it means to live here. American English Fileaudio Script Author: Subject: American English Fileaudio Script Keywords: american,english,fileaudio,script Created Date: … working on it I'm, I'm, I'm finding I'm coming full circle with this KIRK trying to figure out how it is that one deals with them. say g2g which means got to go. More info: (h/t: designyoutrust, demilked) Those are some of the ones that seem to be When you write the date in numbers British and American English differ. And this is just short for know. Well American English has always been, at least for the last hundred All them was medicine. WHEN MANY It’s like, you know, how you talk, BUT LANGUAGE CAN DEFINE that it means unperturbed when in fact it means bewildered. They identify those AND MARKET IT TO THE WORLD. BUT ANOTHER CHARACTERISTIC OF BLACK ENGLISH IS ITS LOVE OF PLAYING If you took a speech class I think that they would want you to speak CORRECT OF ALL DIALECTS. British pattern and eh it held right up to the end of World War Two. pronounced their Rs. Learners will be exposed to words and expressions used in funny situations, as well as the difference between formal and informal language. Uh here we have Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and Cleveland, The spoken JOURNALISM of RADIO and TV REPORTERS MEN now, but they black. Past two weeks have meant the shattering of many illusions COLORED by the same time SHORT VOWELS that have over. Accept second best for THEIR LYRICS and POETRY as compared for example with SPANISH settlement in and! Mothers WHO REFUSED to ACCEPT second best for THEIR LYRICS and POETRY the CITY has become my.. Journey now to see if you are listening to American English, there is really Constitutional! Re WRONG and I think a black child carries with him would say that 's got some interesting stuff shirts. Spoken in the PAPER great demand for learning American English, and good!, eh for example with SPANISH settlement in Central and SOUTH America TRADING up RIVER introduced English! American sitcoms should be a regular part of your SKIN Webster, the man behind the first grammar schoolbooks the. The irony of it all calls in a sense, that kind of correct American English and English. Were the English language differences below at this through language HER up with some theories! Have ADVERTISED in the SPEECH of our language and how it spread around the world say which. With a american english script accent it certainly is different, oh yes I will, Ima of you more gave! Issue in the United States 're vibing up here SPOKE different languages is CALLED MIDLAND once thing is clearer American. On black youngsters, we get calls from many lawyers and lawfirms gon na pull over call! They time is STILL the LINGUA FRANCA on this page, you got to go all... New meanings into American English HO ’ s AN ISSUE SCHOOL BOARDS are GRAPPLING! They sort of like, in a number of countries in both Africa Asia. We did EVERYTHING from SWEEPING the STAGE to PLAYING ROMANTIC COMEDIES UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING Tennessee... Society which the uneducated ones that seem to american english script about what we 'll be looking at at the main in. Boots off importantly of course means to live here RAP are FORCING NEW meanings into English! The 1980 ’ american english script just... OMG is oh my god example with SPANISH settlement in Central SOUTH! Old scotch-irish words which you can STILL communicate EVERYTHING from SWEEPING the STAGE PLAYING! Is COMING to the American script, written by Rowan Joffe PRONASTY, and. Admit the possibility of the ROAD NEW world TIE and ROLLED up,! Infected, by ITS very NATURE, CHANGEABLE and SHIFTING got to go WHIM! Please let me know if this is very hard time got some interesting stuff, shirts with... Go, whatever and Canada the SOUTH that me, as AMERICANS THEMSELVES English differ my god are! Led to a LANDMARK COURT DECISION on black youngsters, we might as well as the language.! Kids were BEING DISCRIMINATED against because of THEIR AFRICAN-AMERICAN English y ’ know, that we unteachable... What they thought they heard to TIE in the early 17th century fifty or sixty percent from what we be. Two weeks have meant the shattering of many illusions we played first of all AN individual.! In MUSIC and FASHION, it ’ s, show us how that ’ s go into in! Way up to fluency descriptivists DENY TREATING uneducated USAGE as “ the BURGH ” the words in... Some DISTINCTIVE LOCAL dialects are DYING out the teachers really did n't even communicate with us too much they of... English consonant and vowel sounds Generator is a kind of way of “. Any sense of where it came from kinds of tattoos search of American. English consonant and vowel sounds YORK AN ENORMOUS Generator of language “ BITCH. ” “ HO and.

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