The difference between an element and a compound is that an element is a substance made of same type of atoms, whereas a compound is made of different elements in definite proportions. Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Diversity and Unity (CC BY 2.0; Frerieke via Wikimedia Commons). b. For example, water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. Nitrogen, oxygen and argon are elements, water vapor and carbon dioxyde are compounds. ; A compound contains two or more different atoms joined together. Each element has a 1 or 2 letter symbol. Legal. Not all molecules are compounds, because some molecules, such as hydrogen gas or ozone, consist only of one element, of only one type of atom . The most current definition of an element is awarded by the studies carried out by Henry Moseley which states that the atomic number of an atom is expressed physically by its nuclear charge. Atoms, elements, compounds, and mixtures are all forms of matter. Atoms, elements, and compounds are all pure substances. A compound can be separated into the individual elements that it is comprised of and an element can separated as far as its individual atoms. What is a compound? What are similarities between element and compound 2 See answers Yashjaglan Yashjaglan There are very few similarities between elements, compounds and mixtures. Lavoisier was the first to make a list of chemical elements and Mendeleev was the first to arrange elements according to their atomic number in the Periodic Table. Chemistry is the study of the structures, physical properties, and chemical properties of material substances. An element is a pure chemical substance made of same type of atom. Element vs. • Elements are pure substances, which consist of only a single type of atom. Ppt Elements Compounds And Mixtures Powerpoint . Valency is defined as the number of hydrogen atoms required that can combine with an atom of the element forming the compound. A COMPOUNDdiffers from an element in that an element contains only a single type of atom while a compound consists of smallest units which contain at least two different types of atom (i.e. The atoms within a compound also must be different from eachother, whereas a molecule can consist of only one element. Here, the difference between element and compound … New chemical bonds form when substances react with one another. They include hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ELEMENT AND COMPOUND FOR KIDS. Compounds are made of component elements, while elements are elemental — natural and simple on their own. Have questions or comments? In chemistry, a compound forms when two or more chemical elements chemically bond together. Ions are atoms that have lost or gained electrons, so they have either a positive or negative charge. For example, the element sodium is made up of only sodium atoms.