Such a statement does not have to be … /Catalog Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Syllabus Statements Developing a statement for your syllabus is an effective way to clarify, concretize, and share your values regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion in your discipline and in your classroom. Supporting students with a disability . Content Rating. 0 Curriculum & Course Schedule You must complete the six required courses for a total of 11.7 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which is equivalent to 117 contact hours. Edgenuity is committed to offering all K–12 students access to high-quality, engaging curriculum that is free from bias, reflects a culturally diverse perspective, and is accessible to all. Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2018-2022; Multicultural education; Anti-racism education; Interpreting and translations; Translated documents. << 7 %PDF-1.4 DEI Syllabus Explorer is intended to be used as a starting place with a prepopulated search based on keywords that are selected to surface the best possible content while also minimizing less … 720 0 obj <>stream endobj 0 R However, much of science is subjective and is historically built on a small subset of privileged voices. 0 A Professional Development Offering of the eXtension Foundation Impact Collaborative. Our Curriculum Library. 9 Developing an Inclusive Syllabus, The University of Utah Evaluate classroom policies and expectations for inclusivity. ւ&'چ��&)��D��.Je8-�^�"W�I�d���E���.$��V!��RBU8�E%�"$c�dM�c�a�d���D� ���I�甴��1��#W��S��Ep���]� ���[�.D�j|�H��j�ak�mTi�lr�}&��}�Z��{n�r��@�う����_���c�Q*�92�֓ކɛ&Oo��.���ё-�6���|f�)��l�x�N1;�X-�䮄�A|���,L�݀V��Uk�\!GU�g�0���Y$����$I2��x%�`@\e ��V ��ƥ� �]i�` #���^|����J��8c��F���9�Z:��$�] 5�q�"�JV��`s�]���:̳ZH�2���n��.���|��p�Xt�WX��՚�S%]�U9�.B9e�)�� �10���@� << << 0 Diversity Courses - Professional Development Programs Diversity & Inclusion Education and Training offers the following courses in partnership with UC Davis Staff Development and Professional Services (SDPS) and Human Resources Learning & Development. Your syllabus is often the first introduction students have to you and your course and is an opportunity to set a positive tone for everything that follows. Week 1. R o Include a clear statement of your teaching philosophy in your syllabi, particularly how it addresses issue of diversity, inclusion, and overall engagement. Convey a commitment to inclusion by offering flexible policies that allow all students to succeed. Students may have one or more of the … stream Diversity statements based on those used in actual syllabi: 1. /Filter Fons Trompenaars is a renowned writer on the topic. endobj Sample Statement. 0 Discussions about diversity and inclusion with respect to the curriculum are, on so many campuses, taken up by humanities and social sciences faculties. endobj A recent Tomorrow’s Professor Posting – Diversity and inclusion – put it in the syllabus! b��`�b��p��J�=Q@���Aq�fd`���������� 2�c� [ Module 4: Video and Discussion . 1 (�� G o o g l e) This page begins with a statement produced by Ward Lyles and the Urban … h�bbd```b``�"g�I�v���Ll`5��"��"� ��;�d��r`�;`rX��^֫ "BA$��V��h>�v������/�ǯ��N�f`bd`2���HC�?C�� �Ax R /CS 0 /Length Curriculum. Diversity drives innovation and science needs innovators. /Type Promoting diversity and inclusion As a global leader in educational publishing, Pearson distributes materials which are taught in more than 70 countries. 675 0 obj <> endobj This course offers students the opportunity for deep learning: the impact of … Diversity and Inclusion Statement. /Names /Pages >> 0 (��p��D�2�|�yfϓ@Z�e�"��Y�n0ndrc��p�e�+�,�,�,�,�L��f뵇�2�vW� 89 %(2,124 ratings) Week. If you have not yet established services through ROD, but have a temporary health condition or permanent disability that requires accom… This collection examines the barriers that prevent companies from addressing gender and racial equality and identifies solutions for building a stronger, more inclusive workforce. In this class, we will make an … obj As a result of this dilemma, a diversity and inclusion statement for use in … Diversity and Inclusion: Toward a Curriculum for Human Beings MAXINE GREENE Teachers College, Columbia University This is, in part, an effort to gain perspective on our constructs and our cat- egories, to break through what Dewey once called “the crust of convention- alized and routine consciousness.“’ My reasons for wanting to make this effort have to do with a desire to … 10 ] Syllabus - What you will learn from this course. << /Parent /S Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Edgenuity Curriculum. Diversity and Inclusion Fall 2020 37:624:364 1 Syllabus Diversity and Inclusion Fall 2020 - 37:624:364 Professors Anne-Michelle Marsden and Pamela Temple Send message through the Canvas messaging tool This course is delivered asynchronously and fully online, taught through the Canvas LMS. x��Z�o����@���C��zK[˨���� ���I\#E"[�$9Jc#��:-���̒��"+~�Ű�|�9;����>�h������bqq�bx9��R�9X��~�M�ϋ!�@>���~�֗(�p�A�~>\�C����oӿ�m�g�Qc�? Menu Home ; About Us; Frameworks; DEI Competency Areas. 2 Module 2: Trends Driving the Business Case for D&I. /Page To ensure our curriculum library meets these standards, we regularly reevaluate our resources with best practices for teaching and nurturing children in mind. She also explores how trauma and difference manifest in the ways social work practitioners communicate, lead and collaborate. 5 ?>{�՟�>����[�d�O,��'o�e�d9����\����;�S��b��1�X�*��Ǟ\�u�E�V�?�Nj���� PS�_�̔���s�r������KW�#�机�v,%�,�hǺb[���tW��ۑ(E�l�eb� �,^�Ƹ]�*�%66�1>$rv1ƋG�ʸa�a�ц�j�5��Cz�[��]�^5FW���:,sΕ�&�BMa ��H�Wz���G�BrCNp�3O�2 q����''�){&/����\�8������偘G��p���l��.j���f�b�o�b>4��$μo�O̧@.͗_�{�7��Wsn�7���?���������Ů"�gˍ��?.���p흈.r�� ��� 6����k�f�:�hf��5��C��o :��p�@�G ���3V�/͇��5�}(WB+���?1��'������|��t�f�Ј�wh�D#���I�ζ8���T|���V�S �q��x�C�Q�iF��|�5�p28��9����6�w�~�12�� �{X�%˩�7��X�y%��q�9����@QN��� Hi Diversity! Diversity Domain 2: Cultural Competence* Module 1: Culture and Elements of Culture . R 0 >> In an ideal world, science would be objective. Theoretical Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion (1.95 CEUs) Cultural and Social Group Identities (1.95 CEUs) R [ 0 Quiros emphasizes this need for bridging the personal and the professional in her new book Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion Into Trauma-Informed Social Work: Transformational Leadership (Routledge, 2020). ] %%EOF 0 Module 3: The Multigenerational Workforce. 0 Mayo Clinic is committed to health equity, with a vision of being recognized by patients, employees, peer institutions, and the community as the leading model for diversity and inclusion. Diversity Domain 1: The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion* Module 1: The Evolution of Diversity and Inclusion. /PageLabels /Creator “Your experience in this class is important to me. It shows students that you value and respect difference in intellectual exchange, and are aware of current campus conversations surrounding diversity. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. /St looked at a tangible example of diversity and inclusion in STEM.. Enrollment for these courses is through the UC Learning Center Learning Management System … Although we include information for creating a syllabus on our preparing a course page, we also believe that it is important to include resources specifically for instructors who wish to create an inclusive classroom climate and acknowledge issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their syllabi. /Annots 702 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<73B3F32180EDEE499AD6581EB9477459>]/Index[675 46]/Info 674 0 R/Length 127/Prev 245694/Root 676 0 R/Size 721/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream The diversity of students, including students with disability, those who are gifted and talented and those for whom English is an additional language or dialect, can present both extraordinary promise and potential challenges for schools. >> 0 1 Diversity and inclusion is especially pertinent within international organizations. R << Find out more here. Including a diversity and inclusion statement can be an important signal of your commitment to supporting ALL of your students. Module 2: Unconscious … The dilemma faced was in the use of gender-based pronouns, as well as in the white male bias seen in the history of much of science. >> Our Department of African American Studies, Asian American Studies Program, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Jewish Studies Program, Latina and Latino Studies Program, and Department of Religious Studies serve as hubs for activities and conversations that highlight and nurture diversity… We have long been committed to ensuring authenticity in the way we portray characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, religious belief and disability in our materials. /DeviceRGB /Type The following is a sample syllabus statement on diversity and inclusion from Monica Linden, Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience at Brown University. Because the class will represent a diversity of individual beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences, every member of this class must show respect for every other member of this class. ������oN �$�]KƩ�lC}�d �8� �P����ᩃqt���Ž-�Ý�_V���x3:���V�6C8�7 << 1. endstream endobj 676 0 obj <. When the challenges arise, companies that rise to the challenge and overcome them often go on to reap benefits, such as increased efficiency, profit margin, and overall morale. << /Contents Suggestions on timetabling, communicating with families and using technology to support students with a disability in learning at home. R The importance of an inclusive work environment. /Transparency A Diversity Inclusivity Framework Table 1 illustrates a framework for evaluating how the different elements of a course are more or less inclusive of diversity. The STEM fields have clearly stepped up in terms of valuing diversity in terms of representation, or who is doing the math and science, with hiring initiatives that aim to increase the share of underrepresented … /D 6 Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values.

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